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Blog of Circle me to receive updates about new blogposts!

Posts!125 - Local File Inclusion vulnerability by one misplaced character. Oops!
Add a comment...!124 - From a Nokia to an Android and back again: some experiences and thoughts on smartphone design
Add a comment...!123 - Self-driving cars: more than just not having to drive cars.

Thoughts on what changes in and around cars (and transportation) and why you should really be looking forward to it.
Add a comment...!122 - SSH tips (and GNU screen)

I use the terminal multiple hours a day and thought I'd share some things that make it a lot easier. Especially for ssh, you can make it a lot quicker to use. Ever lost your ssh session when changing wifi networks? That's history!
Add a comment...!121 - Do something

A relatively short blogpost, 2 minute read according to Readability, about the debt I feel towards the open source community and why I think all developers should contribute a small amount of their time to it.
Add a comment...!120 - Using Tor as a sysadmin tool

Tor can be useful for way more than drugs. It creates sort of a virtual layer on top of the existing internet, making it very suitable to connect services through any firewall.
Add a comment...!119 - Reverse net unneutrality

About the sneaky game that ISPs are beginning to play. Should we boycott/block them?
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Post has attachment!117 - "Now that I've actually had an SSD for a while..."

I've written some more on having an SSD. Long story short: you probably want to get one, they're really nice.
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Post has attachment!116 - Searching 10GB of data As A Service - lessons learned.

The "are you affected by Adobe's hack" thing from two days ago did not go without a hitch. Performance is not as easy as it seems! In this blogpost I've written down what things I ran into and how stuff works.
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