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I can't even find the words that could describe my anger, my disappointment, and my disgust because of those people. I read the reviews before applying for a visa there. I read a lot about their ugly and rude behaviour with the applicants. I was expecting the worse, so I made sure everything is well prepared, that all my documents are organised, and that I meet all the requirements. After all, that was not the first time I apply for a visa. I applied before for many visas to visit the US, UK and Italy, and I never had a problem. So I thought everything would be fine... Well, it turned out I was wrong. I will skip the useless details that occurred during the interview, but I really want to describe that stupid situation I had after I had submitted my documents, because I won't forget it, ever. A man asked me for 47.4£ (visa fees). I gave him 50£. He refused. He insisted he wants 47.4£. I looked in my pockets for coins, and gave him 47.5£ (45£ paper money, 2 coins of 1£, and one coin of 0.5). He refused. "_47.4£ _yes Sir, here it is. _No this is not 47.4, I want 47.4. _But… but this 47.5. _No, I want 47.4. _You can keep the change Sir! (come on wtf!) _No Sir, I want 47.4, not 47.5. go to your bank and bring me 47.4." And I went out, to look for some change. And I figured out later that his cash desk is full of coins... Well, that was not the end of the story. After 9 days, I received my passport with a letter stating that my application was refused because my bank statements didn't meet their policies (Those policies require that the applicant should have 500£ for up to 9 days). I had checked this condition before my application of course, and everything was all right with my bank statements. I double-checked again after I got the refusal letter and I was clearly satisfying the condition. I tried to call them, but no one was answering the phone. At the end I sent them an email explaining the whole situation. I was sure they did a mistake. They just replied that I didn't meet the requirements. I sent them again my bank statements and I highlighted with a pen the days where I have more than 500£, to show them that my statements meet their policies with no doubt. They just kept saying I don't meet the requirements. At the end, I gave up. I didn't find a way to communicate with them. They didn't pick the phone, and they stopped replying to my emails. I wanted to tell them that it is their fault and to ask them to review my bank statements at least (that should not take one minute), but their arrogance was unbearable and I gave up. I had only few days remaining before my trip and I wouldn't be able to apply again. I wasted a lot of time and money in vain preparing and planning for this trip to Spain. I was really waiting impatiently to see my friends, but all what I got was disappointment. Until now I don't understand why that happened. Is it just a mistake they didn’t want to admit? When I recall how they treated me and how they behaved with the other applicants, I even suspect what happened as an act of racism. What makes me sad is that I am not the only one complaining. Obviously, similar things happened to many people before (a quick look at the review is enough to see that), and it won’t stop happening. Despite all these bad reviews, no one seems to care. However, this didn't discourage me from sharing my experience. Maybe one day, a wise person in the Spanish government read this and takes some actions to stop many future disappointments. Who knows, may be...
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