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Tina Webb (AgesandStagesBlog)
Author, wife, mother, teacher, musician.
Author, wife, mother, teacher, musician.

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"Try to hold your future plans or agenda loosely. Life has so many shifts. If you grip too hard, you may fall when they fall through."

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Life's a Breeze...or Is It A Gust of Wind?
My last post was June of last year. Seven months ago. I feel like I've been to the moon and back. Am I truly back? I'm not sure, honestly. Writing has taken quite a back seat to parenting. Blogging, editing, marketing...They take up a lot of time and head s...

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I believe there are some challenges that God does not want to remain in our lives. Not only do we have to be good at gaining a good perspectives during hard times, we also have to learn how to get out of the hard times. God wants to use our faith to do it.

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"You begin to notice a decrease in the amount of times that she crawls onto your lap, or nestles her head in your neck or turns to wave before heading into the school building."

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The Push and The Pull of Raising Kids
One Saturday morning instead of running into your arms, your
young daughter runs onto the couch to watch her morning cartoon. You shrug your
shoulders and get her breakfast. The next week the same thing happens. You
begin to notice a decrease in the amount ...

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“No more middle of the night feedings!” No more diapers!” “No more chauffeuring, they have their license!”

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My Kids Need To Grow Up!
I looked at the woman reading peacefully under the tree at
the park. Her kids were old enough to play by themselves and by the sound of
it, were having a great time. Thoughts of envy blared in my head. “ I can’t wait until these two are old enough to play

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What her eyes saw – lack and death– suddenly did not matter. Her heart saw the reality of God’s faithful and protective hand in her life.

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A Mother Worth Mentioning
Mothering becomes more difficult when a husband isn’t in the
picture. In the past two weeks, I’ve been struck by the mother in 1 Kings 17. Her
courage to believe God's voice changed the outcome of her circumstances. The widow was getting wood in order to pr...
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