10 Things I can do on my Nexus that iPhone 5 still can't do...

1. Pay groceries with the tap of my phone (NFC)
2. Unlock my phone by looking at it (Face Unlock)
3. Share pictures, files, and contacts by tapping phones (Android Beam)
4. Customize my home screen to make it "mine" (Widgets)
5. View widescreen videos without a letterbox (Adobe Flash)
6. Gives me directions, before I ask. (Google Now)
7. Use my phone as portable memory (Usb Drive)
7a. Conveniently open, edit, and save MS Office files.
8. Take a picture, crop my face out, and paste it on michael jordan's as he dunks (Photo Editor)
9. Find out detailed cpu, data, and battery usage by App.
10. Go from 4% to 100% charge instantly (interchangeable battery)

I've also been taking panoramic shots, taking photos instantly, video chatting, and taking advantage of blazingly fast 4G for many months now!

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