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10 Things I can do on my Nexus that iPhone 5 still can't do...

1. Pay groceries with the tap of my phone (NFC)
2. Unlock my phone by looking at it (Face Unlock)
3. Share pictures, files, and contacts by tapping phones (Android Beam)
4. Customize my home screen to make it "mine" (Widgets)
5. View widescreen videos without a letterbox (Adobe Flash)
6. Gives me directions, before I ask. (Google Now)
7. Use my phone as portable memory (Usb Drive)
7a. Conveniently open, edit, and save MS Office files.
8. Take a picture, crop my face out, and paste it on michael jordan's as he dunks (Photo Editor)
9. Find out detailed cpu, data, and battery usage by App.
10. Go from 4% to 100% charge instantly (interchangeable battery)

I've also been taking panoramic shots, taking photos instantly, video chatting, and taking advantage of blazingly fast 4G for many months now!

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I heard that a lot of the iPhone apps will have a black bar on the top and bottom because they're not designed for 16:9 screens. If this is true, I wonder how much work will be involved to refactor the apps.
Juan Macias
Another win coming from the darkest corner of the Play Store

oh and the new itunes update, looks exactly like Google Play Music
well without paying for it and not rooting.
but yes, Also wifi hotspot! with support of 136 devices. lol
I thought I heard mention of face unlock being on iPhone. Not sure about that one.
+Gabriel Ayala negative sir, they will stick with their "Slide to unlock" for years. so much controversy to just ditch it.
You're right. I looked it up and what I misunderstood was the 'face recognition'. It has face recognition for up to 10 faces, but that's a feature for when you're taking pictures.

I was kind of bothered by that when I thought it was yet another thing they stole from Android. Whew! That's a sigh of relief. :)
oh gotcha, it's kind of like a face detection when knowing how to focus the camera....
oh yeah thats right, because they found a flaw to where you can put a picture of yourself up to the camera and it would unlock. 
Please stop spreading FUD. Misinformation is harmful!

iOS has wifi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering, and has for 2 years or so. It doesn't require letterbox for video, and never has, even back to version 1.0. It has recent apps (double tap home.)

USB storage emulation is definitely lacking but you can drag and drop files and folders onto specific apps by way of iTunes, though it's nowhere near as easy as just showing up as a drive letter. It doesn't have widgets yet, nor face unlock.

There is no face unlock, but it's a gimmick, and it is less secure than a simple PIN. It rarely works well on the S3's I've used and am using, frequently allowing others to unlock my phone with their faces.

There is no Google Now equivalent, sadly. Nor is there NFC, but like 4G was (and still is,) it's not a mature, widely-deployed tech. Most android phones aren't NFC. How many of the people you know actually have NFC in their phones?

It now has 4G, but arguably 4G is nonexistent in much of the world, most 4G implementations in different countries are incompatible (which requires most android phones to have different chips for each country to my knowledge,) and most android phones still suffer from terrible battery life on 4G because they have an additional, unusually power hungry chip to enable. To make matters worse, many implementations of 4G on Android were done by the vendor and consume far more power than is necessary due to phone manufacturers not having big enough budgets, smart enough developers, or any reason to give a shit once the phone is released to the public.

There is no way to check the battery usage, memory usage, etc. of apps on the iPhone as a user, but it's not a feature anyone misses. The OS is designed in such a way that there is no need to care about it other than "oh look, my battery's drained a bit, I should stop watching Netflix on 4G!"

There have been many (even free) apps to do the rest of the things mentioned, many of which are easier to use, faster, and more frequently improved than the ones that come with your particular phone.

If I missed anything, sorry, I ran out of time, and must get back to profiling this damn android 4G driver power management bug.

I develop apps for both OSes and am in the process of contributing feature additions to CM and power management bugs for more than one Android device. I have used over a dozen different android devices over the years, and countless more for app testing. I've had an iPhone since launch day, and my launch day iPhone dual boots Android. Go ahead, call me a fanboy, but don't spread misinformation.
Juan Macias
+Michael Cohen from my understanding, doesn't the iOS have an instant letterbox when displaying any kind of widescreen format video? i know you can tap the screen, then the expand button, but it later distorts the video due to improper formatting on the screen.

and you're right with the Recent apps button, i can just swap out "reason #10" with a removable battery when on the go. 
whenever I travel i carry an extra battery because I know I won't be near an outlet to charge!
Fanboy, you've admitted many of the features he listed are not available in the iPhone and countered with excuses.
I had to scroll your post to read it all on my SGSII.
Wouldn't have had to do that if I had an Iphone 5
Because the iPhone 5 has a larger screen than the GS3? Hmmm
+Michael Cohen just typed a huge post that essentially stated, "you're holding it wrong". :-P  Poor iPhone, always playing catch-up.
iphone screen size: 4in.
Galaxy S2: 4.3 in
+Juan Macias double tapping switches to pan & scan, which is the only other option than letterbox if your aspect ratio does not match the video's aspect ratio.  The iPhone 5 is closer to 16:9 aspect ratio than the others were.

Removable battery is a non-issue for most people with an iPhone 4 or newer (2 year old phone) - it charges to 80% in an hour, so if you're near an outlet for even 20-30 minutes it can usually give you 40% charge, which is more than enough for half a day's use.  One of my family members sells superyachts, he is on the phone 12-16 hours a day very frequently and does fine with a 30 minute recharge once it gets to 5% or so on a verizon 4S.  His Droid 2 Global needed to swap batteries even with a top-up, even after I fixed a handful of power management bugs and some issues with contact management in CM.  He hated that thing for many reasons even though he had me to tutor him and to go the extra mile trying to mitigate his frustrations.  He had never used an iphone previously so it wasn't an "I love my iphone and want it back" kind of thing, he came from a really old blackberry.
+Devin Slick if correcting factual errors and misleading statements makes me a fanboy, fine.

+C. E. Wyatt please do enlighten me as to how exactly "you are wrong" looks anything like "you're holding it wrong."  You must need new glasses =)
+mi4i have 4g anywhere there is 3g on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. And my battery life on my Gnex lets me stop charging at 7pm, go to work until 7am and come home with 45-50 percent even after watching YouTube videos in high quality on 4g for my whole hour lunch break and listening to music/streaming music throughout the night.
+Juan Macias I'm holding the S2 I use for testing right now in one hand and the S3 in the other... they're uncomfortably large for me, I have difficulty hitting the far corner of the screen with one hand, especially on the S3.  I much prefer the Nexus S's dimensions...
There's also live wallpapers, customizable notification LED (I love this feature), the ability to create ring tones from your own library, automatic app updates, the ability to output to your TV using MHL (with an adapter that costs ~$10, whereas a lightning to 30-pin costs $30!) or standards-complaint DLNA... However, iPhone users will be able to "magically" add an extra row of icons to their homescreen! :-)
D White
I'm not a apple hater and I carry the GNexus,but very good point!
+Drew Perreault HSPA+ is not 4G - it doesn't require a radically different chip.  If you consider it 4G then the iPhone 4S is also 4G.  My iPhone 4 gets through the day with similar battery life.  Good to know you're happy with your GNex, I rather like it as well. It's one of the better android devices out there, but there are a lot of crappy ones.
Definitely a lot of crappy androids out there, 

but, there's an android in every size, shape, and flavor.
to suit all audiences 
sheeple love apple, they are the republicans of technology (recycling old ideas as future ideas).
+Collins Ezeanyim live wallpapers drain quite a bit of battery on many android devices (not all of them are that underpowered though) and many people find them distracting, I can't say I miss it.  Neat idea though.  OTOH, I do miss panoramic wallpapers,

I concede on the adapters, I'm kind of miffed about the whole Lightning thing but we'll see how it goes, I suppose.

There are DLNA server apps that work reasonably well for the iphone, but having hacked on more than one open source DLNA implementation, holy crap is it hard to handle all the devices reasonably well. I can't get the DLNA on my S3 to work well with 4 of the 10 DLNA devices I used for testing, though to be fair to the S3 most things can't get the DLNA to work with those 4 devices either. 

 The spec is way too loose, The devices in question conform to the spec but require weird codec configurations.  I hope it gets better, it's a useful protocol.
+Justin Corfield Scrolling is a thing of the past if you have the absurd looking long screen on the iPhone 5. You should upgrade immediately ;)
+Phil Grainger not only sheeple but most people just want to get on with their day rather than spending time dicking with their phones.  I've watched quite a few people learning to use android (doubly so for retarded vendor customizations like blur, touchwiz, Sony UX)- there are a lot of places where people get confused, and anecdotally there seem to be far fewer places where the iphone does what the user doesn't expect.  I haven't seen anyone get an ICS device as their first smartphone yet, so that might change things quite a bit, hopefully mostly in the vendor customization department.  Vendor customizations as in the gingerbread and earlier days are harmful to users.
I drank the Apple kool aid and traded in my evo for a iPhone 4s in June. Terrible mistake. To make a long story short, I switched to the Galaxy S2 on Monday. The iPhone just cant compete with Android.
Some people just like to hear themselves talk... or think people actually read what they type.  
+Graham Wright I noticed that one but chose to ignore it as the whole letterbox point is invalid anyway.
+Varinder Dikh it's not all that much harder on iOS, there are even tools to search for, download, and install pirated apps right on the device.  You really should purchase the apps that you enjoy, though, because us developers can't eat without money...
if it's on the internet it must be true right?!?! 
I have gone from 2.1 to 2.3.5 and 2.3.7 on phones and tablets. android is a simple o/s. home menu and back buttons. and an additional search button on one phone. I struggle to use a mac because of a lack of the 2 mouse button and no scroll wheel
+Phil Grainger you can use any mouse you want on a mac, and the newest ones have right click support anyway. On the laptop ones two finger tap is right click, two finger scroll works better on Mac trackpads than on any of the PC ones (and way better than the edge scrolling option that is more common on PC laptops,) I wish I could afford a Macbook to run Linux on, the hardware is great.
+Phil Grainger you don't really need the right button on the mouse. It is something that is good, but really most of the things you could do without it are still possible. like copying text just learn the keyboard shortcuts like command+c or on a pc ctrl+c. also if you need to right click its called using two fingers on the trackpad.
+Juan Macias I am assuming your comment was directed toward me. Its from adobe's website. stopping living in a disillusioned state and begin to use the giant processor sitting on your neck. 
easier to just use the right click to bring up the copy/paste menu.
you guys are fighting a loosing battle apple once had 30% of the PC market and lost it. now they are loosing the smartfone and tablet market
I love it. Thanks for being real. Granted I've had an EVO for years and I really do like both ios and Android. I don't believe in accepting one over the other but rather seeing what the companies come out with. We as consumers WIN because these companies have to compete. I love it.
+Graham Wright oh no man, i'm just saying whether it's my post or any comment on this thread. I didn't know Adobe stopped supporting flash... regardless, i have a nexus on jellybean, and all videos and websites load as normal.
in Australia the smallest coin is a 5 cent piece and the largest $2, smallest note is $5. US is like monopoly when i was a kid. you know a coin is worthless when you can't be bothered picking it up
+Phil Grainger +Jane Flowers   generally people have one hand on/near the keyboard and the other on the mouse.  If you're a right-handed mouse user, this means your left hand is on/near the keyboard.  on windows, triple-click to highlight the line, then hit ctrl with palm and c or x with middle finger is far (or cmd+c/x with pointer+thumb) quicker, as you don't have to aim for the 'copy' or 'paste' menu entries with the mouse.  Most of the people I've tutored (85%+) who don't find it easier are generally lefties, trying to hit the keys with two hands instead of with the aforementioned technique, or unable to take the time to memorize it, but unilaterally those who do master it spend less than two seconds highlighting, copying, and pasting text - particularly if they also master alt+tab - and many manage to take less than a second, whereas the average for right-clicking is about 2-3 seconds, with the fastest edging toward 1.25 seconds.

Hope that's helpful :)
+Phil Grainger  haha exactly. The only reason I asked is because people who like pennies typically are sentimentalist. like using the right click button.
Y Jang
just curious. which grocery stores did you use NFC to make payment? 
+Juan Macias you darn right !! And also available for high end and low end. Apple doesn't .
visiting the US last year was like a trip back to the 80s, paper money and people handing you wads of worthless coins everytime you bought something
+Y Jang I use it at HEB, Walgreens, CVS, and some department stores too!

Vending machines at work or school.
try this press windows key right arrow enter
It's always priceless the look I get from the cashiers.
Something I can do with Apple that I can't do with Nexus.... get actual support in a timely manner and have a phone that doesn't die every time the OS upgrades. 

(this is the 2nd time in a year now this has happened with my Nexus)

I'd rather have a solid device that works than one that can share pictures by tapping phones. In fact, I'd rather have a flip or brick phone than this Nexus.  Nexus, Samsung, Android... they can all #suckit.
1. NFC isn't widely used yet as there is a limited about if merchants willing to jump on board.

2. its neat at first but a gimmick and most environment change throughout the day so with lighting being a problem its not really convenient

3. This is awesome and I wish I could use it more (damn Android tablet manufactures)

4. Many think it waste battery and for the most part goes unused but still great when utilized by those that knows its worth

5. It was just stupid to begin with and shame on you apple also adobe flash is pretty much dead but still works for those smart enough to side load

6. Its kinda creepy and its based on your search as well

7. True but the MTP method being used since 4.0 has its pros and cons and I miss mass storage

8. This is petty as any smartphone can do this out of the box or with an app.

9. This is a user preference and shouldn't be considered as its not for general use so get real

10. IOS does the same thing by double clicking on the home button

+Arthur Davis told you I'm neutral
the sad news for the sheeple is that every iphone from now on is just a catch up to what the android phones have already got.
What? Are Android lovers the new hipsters?  It's cool until the rest of the world gets on it?  Sheesh. The sad news is you're all sheeple too... go freaking build your own phone.
What a stupid pissing contest.  Use what you like.
My Google now tells me exactly what time to leave my house if I accept an invite from Google plus events, and also gives me directions beforehand
James F
+Michael Cohen I'm sorry dude the iPhone has been the same since 2007 and that's sucks. And now the phone is 4" and that's an improvement? I work tech support for apple and we say it's crap. Everything updated about the iPhone could have been accomplished in 2009 old technology being sold to morons. I guess apple learned something from Michael Jordan, just continue to release old shit and keep slapping a apple logo on it and it
+Nate Ritter sucks for you but its not the case with Android just your experience as I've yet to have a problem with any of the 3 Nexus devices I've owned.

NFC is awesome and I used it daily as I have a NFC tag by more door and one in my truck and haven't had a need or found a use for the others yet

Edit: You will get lemons guys it happens
android is a very open development environment, apple is the closed shop. That's why windows innovated macos to 3% of the PC market
I'm rocking a nexus too! I love it!
+Anthony Garrett Yup, does suck for me. So it's kinda retarded when people piss on someone for liking something that's stable. +Brad Jordan is right. Use what you like. I've had bad experiences, so I'm out. I was hoping for the best, but doesn't work in many ways. The device is only one part of the equation. I take into account what happens when (not if) it breaks now. And with that in the equation, Apple can release an inferior product and they'll still get my business simply because it's one single place to deal with where I don't waste 2 weeks of my time without a phone at all (which is absolute customer service BS in my opinion).
what are you going to do when your iphone5 battery needs a charge and all your friends only have iphone4 chargers and you left your adaptor at home?
I need to take an Apple and flush the iPhone.
GalaxyS3 add, change a battery with no tools, add 64gb storage, keep screen on just by looking at it, be a mobile hotspot, send pictures automatically to my friends if they are in it...
I've got a HTC one s and I love it, I can't wait for jelly bean update, Apple haven't done enough with the iPhone 5, android phones are more advanced now, I was expecting something new from Apple but I think they are lost without Steve jobs bullying the impossible out of the researchers.
Meh, Jailbroken iOS device beats anything, it's user experience and responsiveness that matters, apps look way more beautiful on iOS compared to Android apps that look unfinished and unpolished.

Sure that's on the developers, but it's the way it is nonetheless.
98 Play a game while having a coffee without looking like an iWannabe
Ab Caz
Well all in the iPhone 4s
just a user then would like iphone. bcoz they afraid to tweet around and so. If user is advanced then they like to play around and every times thought abt how to getting new functionality and bugs fix. for instance battery drain, some of users might how to fix that before the official OTA is released. bcoz it is alot of more open mod on the ROM dev sites. thats are the different that users perception.
poor apple they came out with crap  when jobs died he took the iphone with him
The iphone 5 can do a lot of those things...Apple is one of my least favorite companies ever but this is just ignorant fanboyism right here.
+Nate Ritter I didn't mean it in a negative way so hope it wasn't taken that way. Android is stable but things happen and you keep grouping your experience as a whole like every Android device is the same.

I'm all for liking what suites you but what I hate and what started this thing in the beginning was apple users and there self righteous bs and every time an android device was mentioned or even an app being available that was exclusive it became a mess.

Android users are now far worst and I'm tired of this cause at the end of the day android is superior in functionality but most users only care about web and email so will probably never explore those extras so they exist for those that need them and companies are still making there money
Don't worry, I'm sure Apple will sue Google and say that "looking at your phone" is a gesture they invented. 
This list is dumb. Most of these points consist of bloatware that any iPhone can have with free apps. The other points actually are supported by iOS natively.

Edit: Except NFC. iOS doesn't have that.
The phone so innovative it's behind the curve at launch.
IPhone vs android. Republicans vs Democrats ..good luck. Let me know who wins.
One thing I can do on my two-year-old Symbian phone you can't do on iPhone or any android phone (except a MAXX but really that's an exception):
Go more than three days on a single charge - with a decent amount of calls, texting and browsing.
+Walt Duncan NFC cannot be added by apps nor does can iOS do it. It's a hardware feature, one which many people love. Most of the other ones aren't that big of  a deal though, I agree.
And pull down menu for notifications which you can go right to that program or app...... Oh wait Apple stole that idea... My bad.
Y Jang
This posting reminds me of blind test to figure out who is better between Pepsi vs Coke
This post has now been flooded with ignorance. I'm out.
Btw dumbass u cn get an app for iphone that u can share pics n files by jus bumping fones n dif apps to check battery usage!! Iphone 5 still way bettr than ur piece of crap nexus
The iPhone just sucks. It will never b an S3.
Flooded with ignorance, haha. It was ignorant to begin with. And even if you disagree, it sure as hell was absolutely unnecessary.
The iphone is a great device but the Iphone 5 is a dud. They are going to sell a bunch of them anyway but I personally will never buy an apple device. I am not a computer geek but I am not an idiot either. Droid allows you to master the device. I don't like being force fed anything. Don't care who is doing the feeding
John Ro
What is wrong with you people. Some of you need to get a life
A couple of those are only available to 1.2% of Android users right now (those of us on JB), and NFC/Android Beam isn’t widespread either.  And iOS does do #10 well enough for most people.  Everything else… sure, that’s why we chose Android, but they’re not such a big deal that I’d tag people who don’t need those features as sheep.
You shouldn't have to put mine in quotes Juan lol. That whole sandbox thing pisses me off. It isn't a nice enough sandbox to play in if you ask me, plus there are sharp things in the sand.
+Phil Grainger That's funny about the US money. I had a similar experience. My wallet was bulging but there was only about $30 in it. So many $1 notes and small coins. We ended up with a massive pile of coins in my backpack front pocket that we donated at the airport.
If you jailbreak your iphone you can do all this
+Carlos Sempere why does it matter that only certain Android phones can do some of them? The point is that a brand new phone is so limited that it can't do some of these necessary tasks. Obviously older phones can't do things that weren't invented yet, when they were manufactured.
My point is, its not a question of which one's better. Its a question of what works for you.
+Juan Macias well put. Honestly I just don't get the iPhone. I simply can't just drop my galaxy nexus and lose my amazing integration of Google products, like my brother said who just switched from iPhone 4s to Galaxy S 3 yesterday " it just works."
Yawn!! Who cares about all of that "technology". I just want something that works and doesn't constantly freeze up and restart on its own (Samsung galaxy). Android OS = garbage!
gotta get on your game!

Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII E4GT
Android: ICS 4.0.4
ROM: MJJZ Blend ICS ROM FH13 v1.0
Kernel: AGAT 3.0.41
I'm a fan of both android and apple. Did Nyone notice the download speed of the new i5? Up to 100 megabits a second, that is fast. Now don't start getting all upset I'm going track to Android for a year next Month. I switch back and forth just because I can! Anyway is there a droid that can match that kind of speed?
iPhone trying to catch up what a moron. Android has and will always be last. Their hardware/software it horrible. 
Apple = simplicity. Android = junk you don't need.
+Ellis Collins who is your provider and where are you located? I have seen HTC Thunderbolt in Detroit, Michigan hit 32mbps on Verizon 4G LTE. Have never heard of anything faster near me.
Do these smartphone debates ever happen in real life for anyone or just the Internet? I never see Sheeple or Fandroids in real life, just people using a phone and going about their days. Just me?
iPhone 5, faster, thinner. I wonder if Samsung will sue them for patent infringement.
I dont know which one is better...... but I love paying at macy's with a tap...
Iphones seems going to fragmentation stage that android experiences. :)
This is a pretty bad attempt at being witty or funny but just a horrible failure.

IPhone can open and edit ms office files, a shit load of photo editors available for the iPhone that allow you to crop face etc. There are apps like imonoitor that give tech specs about the phone and memory management. You can switch to any app on the iPhone as well from any screen by using the home button.

Hey I get it. You want some fame and why not jab apple right now. Heck I love my SG3 but I hate uninformed people who love to spread bullshit.

Right on with the other reasons but next time be truthful
James F
+Matthew Missler I hope you know that the crappy hardware in the Androids such as any Samsung device is also making a ton of hardware in your
america is getting to lazy as it is wy make it worse
James F
Having a iPhone for a Android user is like being stuck in the app drawer forever...lmao
Wow! That's a lot dude!! I will get once ASAP 
1. NFC is really rare in my country (not available at all yet)
2. Sounds cool.
3. hmmm... do I need that feature?
4. Widgets are overrated, consume lot's of battery, and I can live without them.
5. Don't really watch that much video on phone, it suck up battery a lot.
6. I am using Google Now, but the only thing useful is the Weather, the rest never show up.
7. I have thumb drives and external hard disk for that.
7a. I don't use Ms. Office
8. Screen too small, I prefer working on them on my pc.
9. does it matter?
10. I think iOS can do that too.

Decision: iPhone 5 :D

This is a really good check list bro!! thanks for solving my dilemma.

Regards, An Android and iOS User.
Keep in mind it's the #nexus... not even the #S3 which adds at least 3 more things...
I could probably make a similar partly false list for your device, if I cared to even check it's specs. But why would I? Not worth my time. iPhone does what I need and I am happy with it. If you were happy with your phone too, maybe you wouldn't need to check out the competition? 
I have several Android devices ranging from Froyo to Jelly Bean, but you make Android users look both obnoxious and ignorant. Even my old iPhone 3GS can do some of the things on your list, most of them most people probably don't care about, and some of them are misleading or only situationally relevant. For example, the letter-box thing depends upon the type of video and whether you are zooming it; the resolution of the iPhone 5 is within a couple pixels of 16:9, so TV shows will fit well. And switching apps on iOS is super easy; there's a drawer that slides up with a double tap on the home button, giving you access to recent apps and various audio controls. Way to rile up the platform zealots, though.

Edit: 1136 / 16 * 9 = 639, so in landscape mode, the 1136 x 640 iPhone 5 display is exactly one vertical row of pixels shy of having a full 16:9 aspect ratio. Measuring the other way, 640 / 9 * 16 = 1137.8 (rounded up to the nearest tenth), so that's just under two horizontal rows of pixels over 16:9. Either way, it's pretty close to the current standard television aspect ratio of 16:9, but pretty far off from both the 1080p and 720p resolution standards.
James F
I swear iPhone 5 has me ashamed of being a human being. We are pitiful. Only people with iPhones still use laptop for non work purposes. rarely us my laptop with this 4.3 inch display I've had for about two years.
Is there some way to opt out of all the Apple grumbling on Google+?
Police: "Hey you! Activist! Unlock your phone so we can delete those damning pictures and video you just took! Activist: "no." Police: (holds phone to face) "thanks". Some really ugly uses/abuses for that feature. Still, Android phone have way more going for them.
+Juan Macias so funny how you make a post stating facts and the sheep come a running like it's time to be fucked by the horny farmer Steve Jobs.

You make simple list of things you like about your, and almost ALL Androids, can do and then BOOM! The angry sheeple come to say "who needs that or this, I'll just use my overpriced $1800 Mac book for that" lol.

You only swear you don't need or want it when you never had it sheeple. Must suck
+Gabriel Ayala anyone else creeped out that Apple could be collecting this info? I mean how powerful would face recognition be in terms of using it to track criminals and terrorists in the background of a photo you take in the hands of FBI or CIA, and worse, how much money Apple could make selling that info to those and similar organizations.

And people freak out that Google is using your search history to target relevant ads (which in my opinion: why would I not want this? Why would i want to see a shampoo ad when I could see an ad for the latest under rated game?)
I am against Apple because of their dirty plays in court...suing a small Polish grocer for the website ""? Really? I've used Android for 3 years now...never had a problem aside from my Pantech Breakout...which Verizon replaced with the LG Spectrum...awesome phone...4.5 in screen (protected by gorilla glass) with true 1080p resolution...currently running 2.3.6...but I've only had it a week...expecting to hack ICS onto it soon as it its readily many have successfully hacked iOS 6 onto an older iPhone?
Real multitasking and application switching is a huge usability advantage.
Tim cook and the iPhone 5 can lick the back of my sweaty nuts !
Unix (Grand father)
Linux (Father), Dos(Ungle)
Android(Son), iOS(Daughter), Windows(Cousin)
That's all family.
Honestly guys I know we should help our fellow iSheeps out but... if they don't wanna listen and don't mind getting ripped, then hey who gonna stop em? Let em enjoy they ignant selves and save yourself the time... But yea you pretty much nailed it!
+Jason Dahl exactly. If they spent more time and money on the iphone 5 than litigation maybe this iphone wouldn't of been such a disappointment.

In truth and not messing with the sheeple, I love android. Had since day 1 when I pre ordered the G1. But still to this day I have recommended an iPhone to some people who ask my opinion. Mostly to the ones who aren't tech savy nor care about specs and customizing their phone.

To each his own. They're both smart phones which do a lot of the same things.
evrything can't be in a single gadget, if it would hve been hen no one would buy the other gadgets !!!!!!
My goodness shut up Michael. I don't care if you are correct you are the most annoying, pretentious douche ever, how much do you fucking love yourself or what.
I can look at porn on my droid better than iPhone.
Yenvy N

Ooooo sounds like the phone for me
You forgot to mention that in order to enjoy the latest features on Android devices, one has to buy a new phone almost every year. The new iOS, on the other hand, will run on iPhone 3GS on the day Apple releases the OS. The 3GS was released more than 3 years ago. I am speaking as a owner of a Moto Photon 4G who is still waiting patiently for an ICS update for his one-year-old phone.
Stop the madness yo apple fans ain't ready to hear that..hahaa
Just ordered my Nexus to replace my iPhone 4. Apple's failed to impress with both the 4s and 5, and their all-out patent assault is just pathetic. 
customizing your android home screen is jailbreak free brother
wrong wrong and wrong Jeremy, Theres 3 Nexus Phones and 1 nexus7 tab. OH and you dont need flash to see the Vids and images wide   =)  
Its alive....dr victor frankenstein voice lol
nexus users, why do you feel you have to jump in and attack a product you don't use, and won't buy? That's for losers and trolls-- Scott Kelby.
May Be In iPhone 6
 Sorry I Mean iPhone 5S XD
most of those stuff in untrue as the iphone can do it long time ago!!
One major thing I can do with my Android... Swap the batteries... I don't care how hard I bang on this thing it will be juiced up for sure... 3 batteries + external charger under $15 shipped...
Just got my first of many apps updated with new 16x9 screens. Couple more tweaks before we upload to Apple.

I'vehad an iOS phone for 4 years. Seriously, outside dual 2.4/5GHz wifi, I'm far from impressed. Fail apple. Fail. 
+Omair Baig Ummm your argument for who are sheep is because who has higher market share? Nice try. That's to the non sheep who see something they like better. They've used their own brains and decided to not let apple tell them that Apple has invented video calling or notifications. How are ya apple fans enjoying the 20+ features that were literally copied from android and then called magical? Lol

This is a fun post. But like I said. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions. My only real gripe is how hypocritical Apple is. "I'm suing you for copying! Oh thanks for all those features Android." and "don't copy our shape, we invented the rectangle, oh thanks for our new iPod design Nokia"
okay my first smart phone - LG optimus 7 ...  had panoramic feature on the stock setup... this was like 2 years ago... AND it was a windoze phone.
To all you android lovers here you go in any AT&T,Verizon,Sprint store you have a wall of android phone against the one phone in the Corner. 
iPhone 5 is a brick with a wind-up crankomatic, creating nuttin but static, belongs in my attic along with my Kodak!
They actually changed that problem with the face unlock. (The putting a picture in front of the camera and it unlocking) you can now enable it to have to require (I think) to notice a blink of the eyes. To unlock
+Blair Ginley the you can't do voice and data on any Verizon droid phone either. It's their shitty network that limits it. I'm so sick of AT&T that I will probably ditch them. All the markets I currently fly into all have excellent sprint coverage and it's $60 a mo cheaper for what I have now and no throttling. AT&T throttles the shit out of me. I use air video and splash top a lot and that's just a downside. Not how you treat business users indeed.
About 60% of Android devices are stilling running Gingerbread, which is two whole generations behind Jelly Bean.  I wonder how NFC and face recognition work on most of them.
One thing the iphone can do that no android can do: work properly without a hack of some 16 year old sperglord, get OS updates on a regular basis, and be repaired by it's manufacturer if it breaks down (which is rare as hell in the iphone's case). drops mike and raises arms "I'M OUT, BITCHES!"
1. Good luck with doing that beyond your grocery store.
2. Nice but many prefer the flawless finger swipe.
3. Can do this with many apps today - since iOS 2.0. Flawless!
4. Nice feature.  Using standard apps or categories work just fine and they work flawlessly without the monitoring you'll be doing.
5. Flash is a DEAD (FAT, and FLAWED) technology - have fun with it while you can; they're going HTML5!  LOL
6. Google got that one!  Now iOS6 with or without iPhone 5 - Yeah baby!
7. iPhone4 iPhone4s - Been there, do that everyday all day!
8. Have fun with that one.  Editing already enabled with iOS 5.  Plus, apps work just as well.
9. If one needed all that information, perhaps you should use a laptop,  Enjoy your analytics.  Just wanna use the phone. Geez!
10. Got that one too.  Been there, done that since iOS 3.0.

4G / 3G - Hmmm, Looks like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T recently just got their acts together on TRUE 4G.  All cell phones with 4G chips enjoy these pleasures. :)
I heard the iPhone face unlock could be confused by showing it a picture of the guy you mugged for the phone.  I guess I must be thinking of a Nexus.  I admit, I dumped the PayTap beta I had for my iP4 before the beta ended--that was waaaaay too many clicks to pay.
Here's a few other things iPhones can't do...

- Replace the battery
- Change out data using a MicroSD card
Wow... This wants me to change my mind about buying an Iphone
Voice and data won't be available simultaneously on iPhone5 for Verizon and Sprint.
+Michael Gonzalez how many regular Android users replace the battery or use the microsd for memory in the first place...
James F
Honestly iPhone will never compare to any Android. Because Android are updated every month there's a new devices. They already have a Android that has a Intel chip. Come on lets be serious, iPhones are not bad there stable but limited.
I dnt understand y u all r goin bac n forth on here about ios n android bcuz clearly there won't b a winner....evry1 is entitled 2 their opinions....the apple/android battle is played....#sent from my one x :P
Nokia Lunia 920? Really? Even the press has not gotten to play with it and the OS is not done yet. Nokia 920== Samsung S4 == iPhone6. It is a tech unicorn for now.  
What app do you use to use your smartphone as storage?
good ole apple haters...just remember that there would be no android without apple
Seems like the last resort is that Android phones don't work.... Hehehe... Because the second and third generations of a phone will sell like crazy costing just as much as an iPhone if that was the truth...
Android is truly" multitasking" apple cant do anything like that. Samsung will be turning the tables on Apple, sue time! Samsung has many LTE patents that Apple will try to use with their LTE device. HTC had the first LTE phone I would come out swinging if I were Samsung and HTC!
L Smith
+Juan Macias how did you get NFC chip to work at walgreens never works for me ?
Probably u should use ur nexus more than wasting time on following iPhone 
Mocking Apple's "innovations" is fine and all just as long as the drawbacks to Android phones are mentioned as well. I love my rooted and unlocked HTC Rezound, but the battery life is serviceable at best. Let's also not forget the perpetual fragmentation issues while we're on this topic.
+Sean Sanders its because I'm on a two hour bus trip and I find it amusing... No tell me, I do what I like
+Sean Sanders and yet you took all that time to type that post telling me I shouldn't be doing the same thing... Interesting...
Wife: iphone 4S, me: Gnex. Tried to take the same pic, her's couldn't do it. Couldnt get exposure right, or adjust it. Gnex no problem. She now makes me take all the pics with Gnex. I now call her phone the "ladies phone"
Before I start, kudos to +Michael Cohen 

Now, let's get on with it:
1. I still can't pay my groceries using NFC, in Malaysia at least.. (I have a gnex)
2. Doesn't work for me most of the time (maybe because I'm too ugly for face detection? Then my gnex discriminates, I guess, LoL). But nevertheless not something I crave to use. It just sits there in my settings menu.
3. I still can't do that as most of my friends uses a bunch of phones (only one friend uses iPhone) e.g nokia symbians, blackberry's, etc
4. Widgets does makes your screen yours, but not the battery.
5. I trusted waze more than Google's navigation, at least for Malaysia, as GNav is not "officially" supported here, yet. So, the directions is more likely ends me up to stuck in traffic than avoiding them.
6. 1 app: iExplorer
7a. Not very much "comfortable" for me to edit MS Office files on my gnex. Always get the responds "Will you hurry up?".
8. "Photo Editor"? I might missed that one, I'm on Jelly Bean Codename: Android rom btw, so not sure how I missed that. But I don't think I am fond on putting my face on other people's, it would be weird and silly. 
9. Finding those info actually made me uninstalls several favorite apps just because it "ate" my battery as it suggested from the detailed info. I remembered when I was using iPhone 4, I didn't have to know what is going on with the cpu, what's running most cpu resources, what's eating the battery, just because there's no need for it. It never "hangs" or "stuck" for whatever reasons and the battery was just great. 
10. I often find this "recent apps" key misleading. It should instead show all running apps in the background, not listing apps recently accessed. It's like a menu on any desktop apps, under Files -> Recently opened files. It's just a shortcut. iOS does it differently. It shows apps that is currently opened when accessing the "double-click" home button. And you might want to say "Ha, see how you remove/close those apps without "wiglling" the icons and removing it one by one." You got me there, as there's no easier way to do that than jailbreaking + plugins. But, still, it does not have much affects to the battery life.

10a(?). 4G? In my country, it's not a hype yet as you can only buy a crappy samsung phone just to use 4g, which is quite insane. It's like using Nokia 3310 hacked to use 4G. Of course it's going to be fast!

So, in short, iPhone phones are good phones. Really good you didn't even noticed it.

I changed to Gnex because I love technology. Not because I'm an Android Fanboy.

Being a fanboys actually makes you very close-minded and you are actually missing the fun and point. Technology is to be embraced. It's no football, neither soccer that you can take sides and claim it to be better than others. Go technology!
Don't forget the ability to take out the battery.
Well I know this much I like my god galaxy so many people talk about the iPhone but most everybody that I've talked to him after getting an iPhone they said they wish they would've got the galaxy 3 ass so falling much Martin high like how you wanna do it have fun
Fragmentation isn't as much of an issue as it used to be.  In older versions of Android this was very true, but as someone who actually develops apps I can tell you that it is becoming less and less of an issue.  More things are standardized now thus fragmentation really only is an issue of trying to optimize a specific piece of hardware.  This is true because those hardware manufacturers make specific libraries for their hardware.  An example would be Motorola's MOTODEV.  Stop using fragmentation as an excuse, you clearly don't know much about.
I don't even have to carry my phone as a portable memory. Google gives me 5gb for free on the cloud :) (Google Drive)
well if you first think he is comparing to a tablet, then what are you? out of the box is much better than jailbreak.
plug a usb drive without hazzle. (no itunes crap)
use free apps all the time.
choose what size of screen i want
and best of all ... TRULY MULTITASK!!!!
Can the iPhone transfer files over Bluetooth yet? I tried with my galaxy nexus and an iPhone 4 and the iPhone wouldn't connect.
Apple needs to just come with a new device and stop calling iPhone I understand building a brand been their done that.
Unlock your phone using your face. Wow how will I manage without that. My god that's so sad. Apple probably left that off because it's so gimmicky and pointless. All the things you've mentioned there are easily done without. Grow up man. You sound like a 15 year old in the play ground. Lol
What phone besides the iphone has this many people talking about it? The Droid Razr Maxx HD and the Razr M were just announced and nobody talked about those phones.
Oh and if you think bloatware and fragmentation are a problem then buy a Galaxy Nexus.  That is a pure Google phone with absolutely NO bloatware.  You will never have to worry about fragmentation either because carriers aren't allowed to modify anything on the phone.
I have a GNex and:

1.I've never been into a store that actually supports NFC payments.

2. Face Unlock is very unreliable. Cool feature, but useless.

3. I've only used android beam to share things between my own device (GNex, Nex7) but never shared anything with anyone else because of the lack of support and slow updates to Jelly Bean.

4. Not everyone likes widgets. I personally never use them. They are not helpful at all. They drain battery life & data.

5. New iPhone has 16:9 aspect soooo.....and adobe killed support for flash (In reality it sucked).

6. Google Now is great. Apple can't beat that. It's really helpful.

7. Have you heard about G Drive, Skydrive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box etc..?

7a. Tons of apps for that in the app store.

8. Shit ton of apps for that on the app store and they work waaay better than any android app.

9. Detailed CPU? Don't have to worry about that with iOS. Data? In the setting on the phone area you can check that directly with your carrier and it's way more accurate. Battery usage by app? Why do you need that? When you go to that area the most battery draining things are always the screen and android OS.

10. Pressing a button once VS. pressing it twice? Are kidding me?

I love android but fanboys here are just being way more stupid than iSheeps.
That was sad, I think Razr family has suspected that. They were in a dilemma. But thankyou +Juan Macias for posting this! I agree with all of what you said.. (^.^)
We're all sheeple; some of us are in the Apple flock, and others in the Google flock, or other, smaller flocks. 
The points I was trying to make here, were that I as a consumer shouldn't have to download apps to use any features.
4G is non existent? You clearly have never been a verizon customer. 4G is a battery hog? I guess you never heard of a Motorola Droid Razr. Battery easily lasts a day and a half on 4G. Both OSes are superior in their own right. Only one needs to sue in order to hurt their competition. Btw, Samsung Galaxy S III is the best iphone yet.
Ah great, you just make a quick short list for Apple to copy in maybe iphone 8 or something.
As an android geek, I find this post hilarious. Thank you, that is all.
In short, Apple died with Steve Jobs. It will never be the same after his era, and I don't like its desperate monopoly. Other than that, I enjoy everything about my Galaxy Nexus. Pure. Simple. Beyond Smart. Hands down! Thanks +Juan Macias for the wonderful post. (:
+James Pakele I have faith that you can name a few features in iOS 6 that are not available in Gingerbread.  

Just to be clear, I am an Android user.  But the fact that most of the "cool" features mentioned by this post are either useless or don't work most of the time (or not available to most Android users even if they work well) makes me want to laugh about the "iSheep" comments.  Look in the mirror once in a while, people.
The iPhone 5 is looking more like Android
5. View widescreen videos without a letterbox (Adobe Flash)
6. Gives me directions, before I ask. (Google Now)

if point 6 work then point 5 won't work, as on 4.1 they remove adobe flash support
+Suhail Khoury , have you seen ice cream sandwich UI ? Yes, samsung may copy apple, but touchwiz sucks big time. I love iOS consistent UI, but i really love ICS more. And that is from one developer perspective :)
So I didn't take the time to read this whole in sure someone already posted this:
Sorry to burst your bubble but the iPhone can at least do 8 of those things :D
I think you lost iFans at the word Nexus in your title :-(
+Michael Cohen Post a photo of all the Android phones you claim you have at finger's grasp and I'll consider your arguments throughout this thread as credible.
Nice post for all iSheep!
+Eddie Loera it DEFINITELY, can't do 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10. so.... I'd like to see you prove that it can. 
If iphone users hate on android so much...made by google.. why are you on google+? isn't there a mac+ or apple+ you can join.....nope.. so lets not bash Android made by the same site you on......GOOGLE.
Put in my $10 spare battery instead of waiting for it to charge
Perfectly summed up. Cupertino crap store wont get it.
+Sean Sanders to have an actual conversation about it, not sarcastic, wise ass crap, hit me up in another thread, I'm off the bus and will be ignoring this one for the most part...
Are Fandroids now the whinyest overly defensive crybabies on the Internet now? Such insecurity. 
Most likely your nexus can attach files when you are already composing an e-mail
Does it really matter if we have an android? Or an iPhone?
They are just phones. All this i dislike iPhones is pretty childish. They are only disliked because they are popular. And because of that People try to feel superior only because they have an andriod or galaxy. Something different. Like teenagers wearing some dumb arm bands to be different and cool. Jeez grow up.
Go do something useful rather than whine and moan because little timmy has an iphone like making a phone you wont be bitching about because everyone has it.

Dont forget #11, Get virii

And #8, oh I so need to do that.  Time to ditch my iPhone I guess!

But seriously though, +Juan Macias You give Android users a bad name.  If you like your Nexus then that's great.  You don't need to call everybody else names because they chose differently than you though.

All this on a phone that came out a whole year ago! apple is pretty far behind.
Android will win long term and Apple knows it, they're stalling the inevitable with petty lawsuits and bogus claims that they can patent shapes. The end is near Apple
The funniest comment in this is when the guy said he was ashamed of being human from the iphone 5. 

Also the points on this list are mostly frivolous. 
+Ellis Collins those speeds are theoretical not factual. What it means is that IF ALLOWED the phone COULD handle that speeds but its totally up to the network and honestly, not network does.
Yeah lots of misinformation in this thread Verizon 4g is everywhere, face unlock in almost every instance works for me unless it's really dark in which case I can simply put in my pin. The point is I have a choice. Live wallpapers use hardly any battery, neither do most widgets, and if you think they do you can remove them, but you have that choice. Nfc is in almost every new android phone and actually several older ones, for me it's only been practical with Google wallet and to alter profiles. And finally Jelly bean already supports multiple users so when my son picks up the phone and puts in his pin he only gets the apps I want him too very so no calls etc. Another great thing about android is Swype....
+Duhamel Rosado move into a city that matters. Here in NYC I use my NFC Google wallet daily my man. Step your town up.
still <3 my DrioxX that continues to out-perform the latest and greatest iTurds from better than a year ago :)
Obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion and some might like the simplicity of the iPhone but to say that ios is more advanced than android is just ignorant.
I can do everything that you just mentioned with my iPhone 4S. There are 597,000 apps. If I cant find one. I'll use a jailbreak app, just like Fandroids use hacks on their phones. An eye for an eye. 
GOOGLE EVERYTHING - bam! What does the iCrap have on that?  Sure there are a TON of apps that the iCrap and Android phones can compete against/share.  But Android has GOOGLE and all their free awesomeness.  iCrap has....? .. oh the new lightning connector!  Smooth!
Well the answer from today's iPhone users 'Nobody needs these extra features. They are totally superfluous'. The answer from iPhone 10 users(5 years into the future when Apple finally copies all these features into its devices) would be 'Wow Apple is really trailblazing innovator with all these extra cool features'. 
oh no! you just exposed iPhone roadmap for next 6 years, and every year iPhone fanboys would have raved about these 'New' features added by Apple.
Why is it iPhone owners feel they need to defend the I phones shortcomings ? Wouldn't it be easier to just say "You're right it does lack these features, but in true Apple fashion look for these features in the next iPhone release." Apple has always been 1 step behind specs wise since the smartphone wars have heated up.
A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep
+Michael Cohen re size, that's why the Android ecosystem rules: you can choose the device that suits you. With iphone, I can't have my large 4.7" 16:9 screen, but you could choose a physically smaller Android device if you wished.

As for battery life, mine's rated longer than any iphone but I'd love longer, luckily I can swap it out for a higher capacity after market model, no problem.

Battery and network usage on a per app basis is very handy and I didn't realize such until I had it. Now I know exactly which apps are using my data and when.
These types of threads amuse me. Why have it be a competition? Soooo many people do the "my Android beats your iPhone" posts and it's simply ridiculous. We could argue all day whose is better
, but rarely do you see a "my iPhone is better than your Droid" post. Plain and simple, it's all about class. and judging by these types of posts we see where the class lies.

Also, as for all the "tech" people. Real techies aren't looking for a sophisticated phone to use because we use sophisticated equipment all day.

As for the fanboy comments some of you will post. What is the android equivalent to a fanboy? I say we call them Padawan. In the end still a noob posing as a Jedi master. 
+Graham Wright how is right clicking a sentimental concept? Connect menus are incredibly useful, at least on Linux, where I also have functional middle clicking.
Apple conveniently leaves things out so they can get those suckers to upgrade when they put out there next phone
Don't forget to add more to the list.....
12. Bluetooth share any songs in your music player.
13. LED notification light on some phones like GS3, GN.
14. Expandable Memory..64gb SD on my phone.
15. Instant 1 click sharing to any social app you install or productive app...Apple needs to included in the OS...
16. Swap batteries..
17. Download files thru the browsers like a real PC.
18. Drag and Drop media files from and to SHiTUNES.
19. Root when ever you want without anyone breathing down you back. Remember with iOS you need to JB your phone now before the apple updates iOS with wipe the exploit.
20. Downgrade to any Android Version you want...Try that with iPhail phones.
21. No need to wait 4 months for JB community to find an exploit on your phone..Iphone 4S took four months for people to JB.
22. I can replace any app on stock phone..Like SMS, Phone, etc.
7-10 (-8) are already possible on my 4S
What is this FUD about widgets consuming battery? Some do, some don't, just like backgrounds tasks. I run a dozen desktop widgets (see my photos) and get over 24 hours to a charge with heavy usage.
u forgot FREe WIFI in major cities..
+Tim Morrison at least, they are getting better ;)  and I do not think that Google has 'struggled'
Someone's probably already mentioned it, but I'm not going to read 379 comments.  To switch apps on iDevices, simply push the round button twice in succession.  Takes just as long as holding a button down!
+Jonathon Wells iphone users claim superiority all the time, you must not be paying attention. What gets my goat is the company spreading FUD on stage about innovation and features that aren't remotely new.

As a tech savvy person I try to inform others when they're being duped whether by software or hardware and the iphone five is duping a lot of people.
+Tim Morrison way to go Bro.myself using the 4g and the 4s before I use android.I hope you know what I mean.Apple doesn't have the feel anymore.
4 inch screen... evo wimax.. how about this.. qualifies for normal carrier warranty and serviced in store instead of mailed to Apple care....
+Nate Ritter the fact that you NEED support for your device shows how poor the UI is for users like you.
I thought these were phones. I guess I was mistaken. Apparently they are penises. 
You can literally do all of that with iPhone 5 minus NFC. 
+Tim Morrison Heck, Apple wasn't even really innovative on that regard.  Touch screen phones had been done before the iPhone came out.  All Apple really did was go, "What if we stuffed a bunch of stuff into that format."

They also weren't the first to come up with a touchscreen based tablet-like computer.  Microsoft was.  Microsoft came up with a notebook that could fold over into a touchscreen tablet in 2003, but it didn't catch on.  It was from this and previous touchscreen phone models that Apple truly got their idea to make their smartphone.
Although you could've put the widescreen videos with the native screen ratio of Android being 16:9 and not flash. the iphone5 is now almost 16:9, but then legacy apps from old iphones will run letterboxed until it's been updated.

Proud G1, Vibrant, Nexus S and Galaxy S 3 user here.
Screw the whole IOS vs android thing the problem is the misinformation of users period.

I love Android but what started as an IOS rules and everything else sucks has turned into a bunch of kids and adults going on about Android but only repeating what they hear others say and don't know no any facts.

If you don't know what your talking about are have experience with either platform you shouldn't be saying anything furthermore its a phone, all that matters is that the companies keep you buying there product cause its about money. I have no problems with anyone who chooses one over the other but do so not by saying Android is crappy or IOS looks like a toy.

I've had it and I'm pissed at the arrogance and ignorance surrounding the whole matter and Android users starting in 2011 you became the worst and even more so on 2012 move the f$%$ on geesh
The only real innovation apple done was the original iPhone and retina display. Other then that they just play catch up, releasing technology way behind everyone else and marketing in a way which everyone thinks that they did it first.
With Android I have choice. Choice in what features I want, choice in how my phone looks, choice of browsers and keyboards, etc. Want a different keyboard in iOS? Nope. Even alternative browsers are more like fancy skins for Safari since Apple forces other browsers like Chrome to use their rendering engine.

I like choosing what I want rather than have a company choose for me. That's why I like Android.
shout outs to all android devices ..( Samsung Galaxy S3)
and don't forget, with Samsung's touchwiz on the SIII you can load and view movies as a smaller window while moving to and fro different app windows. you can then tap the small movie window to resume in fullscreen at any time.
Don't get me wrong...the stock browser and stock keyboard in iOS are good enough for a lot of people, but aren't ideal for everyone (I can't type worth a darn on an iPhone, and am glad for Swiftkey & Thumb Keyboard on my phone/tablet). 

The thing with the iPhone is that it's good enough for a lot of people, and that's why they sell a ton of them. Apple did a great job in terms of marketing as well, which is what helped them develop a huge fanbase. This, combined with the standard design of the iPhone allowed accessory manufacturers to make products that would work with these products easily, which makes them even more enticing to shoppers.  Of course, with them changing the dock connector now, that last point may not be as valuable as it was before the iPhone 5 was announced.
+James Good the fact that you don't even understand item 6 on this list shows how uninformed iphone users are in general. It's fine if you enjoy using your device but given the huge difference between functionality and flexibility I would suggest you do some more research before you decide on your next purchase. Reality Distortion Field is a terrible, terrible thing.
Apple's rationale is that everyone else is allegedly a copycat effectively implying that at each launch they are competing against themselves meaning their statements could in a sense be true! What do you think?
And we can go back a screen with the touch of a button ;)
#6 sounds bad until you understand the implementation. It doesn't get in the way, it's not a widget either. It shows up as a notification and can be made full screen by swiping up from the home button. Basically, think inducing Siri but not having to ask for directions before they're presented on the screen. It provides additional information without being obtrusive.
+James Good its contextual and it's awesome... It does more than directions... If I'm at the bus stop, it gives me the list and times of the busses coming by shortly... If you search for scores for the 49ers often, it knows that and eventually just sends you the scores whenever they play a game... If it knows you have a 2:00 appointment 30 minutes away it tells you when you need to leave to make that appointment, even considers the traffic along the way and for there is heavy traffic, takes that into consideration... Seriously, Google Now is something to look into and something Apple or Microsoft will not be able to counter without eating crow...
You missed the Pricing part. Here also Nexus wins :)
The iphone 5 is so much slower and smaller than the iphone 6
Plus you can actually "Close" applications... I mean, really close them...
Live wallpaper, office suites, theme customs, hotspot, app interactions...
The problem with android is that there isn't one for every taste. Try finding with a decently small formfactor and high end internals. All the high end phones are huge.
I can do this with my Nexus S, a two years old device.
one thing iphone5 or iphone78 will make you do is, bitch about what it can do and try to prove why yours is better than iphone. dominating isn't it?
btw 5-7-8 are already on iphone 4-4s, no need to question iphone5 about it.
speaking of many months, if that is the case, for how many months did you envy iphone users since there wasn't any android phones for years? you don't need to prove anything, deal with it..
Ok I'm an android user, I use a galaxy note which small screen purists will most likely hate. But what I will always say is that Apple have the easier job compared to Google. Apple has to develop iOS for one device....ONE DEVICE... they don't have a plethora of phones to deal with or a fight to keep all of them running and stable. It's like OSX  vs Windows... should i explain further? I'm impressed with windows as well as linux and android as they are able to maintain a level of stability on multiple hardware configurations. In my opinion, iOS does what it should, and has been doing so for too long without any significant change to impress me. I'm not an iPhone user but i expected more out of the iPhone 5, those updates are incremental. It would be easier to accept if Apple had a 50 phone line up, with different CPU's, screen resolution, and multiple chips and capabilities, but they have ONE DEVICE. Don't jump on my post iPhone users and  bash me, but sit and think. How many of you all are satisfied with what they did with the iPhone 5? 
You forgot:  talk on the phone and use my LTE Data connection at the same time.
Okay... While I do agree that some of these features are fair, still no reason to prefer 1 device over another. At this point you are sounding like a fanboy. I agree with +Michael Cohen and let me tell you, I have a Xoom Tablet, every Evo and buying a Nexus and Prime.

I love competition because it causes companies to be competitive. +Fernando Maldonado knows that a true geek prefers competition. Now while my wife +Melissa Vazquez has an iPhone and iPad I still uses her devices along with mine. Both are better at one thing over the other.

So to answer your list of 10+1:

1) NFC is Blink. Credit Cards have been doing this for years. Hasn't yet taken off. If I am going to reach for something it can either be my phone or wallet.
2) Face unlock still has bugs where someone else can unlock my device. Anyway, sliding is easier.
3) Sharing pictures, files etc... You know there is an app called Bump. They released the idea first.
4) Android does win on that one. Including with battery drain.
5) Flash is dead. Nexus 7 proves that. And so does Adobe.
6) Gives you directions to what before you ask? I'm sure your phone doesn't know where you are going.
7) EVERY device in the world that connects via usb is portable memory.
7a) Onlive allows the same, along with many other apps. Just as Google's app do.
8) Photo Editor is built right into iPhones camera app.
9) iPhone doesn't need to know about their battery life since the battery last over a day.
10) Really? Hit the home key twice and you have access to your recent apps.

This proves to me that you know nothing of our competition. You should always know the enemy on every point and scale.
+Ranger Ramirez even you can appreciate the iPhone for what it is. Great competition. And I know from one geek to another that we both can sit here and say that while we LOVE Android, iPhone is still a great phone.
I once had an iPhone and said I'd never go to any other device (iPhone 3G). That was before I ever used an Android device. It started with a Droid X, and now I'm on the Galaxy Nexus. I will never go back to an iPhone for many of the reasons noted here. 
Big up the DROID! Love my Droid!
+Juan Macias That's just an absurd excuse. You're going to download a lot of apps anyway! How does that affect your decision on supporting one OS or the other?
There have been a few posts that say you can get an 80% recharge in an hour. That's great, but I have 100% charge in the time it takes to reboot after installing my spare battery, which is handy if I am somewhere where there is no power, or don't want to sit around for an hour. Thanks for stopping by.
+Ron Roberts if I could +2 your comment, I would. That really did make me Laugh Out Loud. On the subway at that. I love Android, I really do. Even now as I am Posting from my Evo 4G LTE, but again just because I love it so much doesn't mean I don't see a good thing when it passes by. It's a matter of preference and choice. Would I buy an iPhone? No, and I also think Sense is better than iOS and Pure and TouchWiz. Again this is a preference.

And next week HTC will have their event. Will people complain about their new phones... Again PHONES being made? Probably a few Samsung fanboys.
The point of this was to simply throw a list of things out. Not to sway someone's buying decisions. As a consumer you have your independent choice of taking your money to whomever you'd like.

And I didn't mean to get so many people involved. Had I known thousands of people would have plussed this post, I would have put more time into actually researching and comprising a better list
Dont forget add-ons like Chrome to Phone.....extremely useful.
Number 5, Flash is dead and not available on Jelly Bean anymore bro. I got a VZW GNex running JB and don't see it.
You forgot to include a couple of things though:
1. You can drop a Nexus without cracking the screen or the back.
2. You can get the phone that you want instead of being a sheep in a crowd
3. Customize non-auditory notifications (multivariable vibrate functions, change flashing colors for notifications, etc)
+Juan Macias , I tried to find "Google Now" in the Play store, but I cannot find it.  Where do you see it??
+Juan Macias , ahh...  I figured it out now.  Now that is practical.  Yahoo recently added the feature to its Voice Assistant...  now instead of just being a voice assistant, it pops up messages in the status bar about things it thinks might be interesting to you.

I do hope they tailor it so that one does not get privacy information leaks on the scale of Facebook's ill-fated Beacon service.

I could this thing outing me for visiting jewelry stores before I propose... or cheating on my diet by always suggesting all of the ramen shops all the time.  My wife would be like "hey!  you promised!  why is your assistant always reporting the nearest ramen show everywhere we go?"

The one of FB that got a lot of coverage, I think, was a fellow that went through all kinds of pains to try to buy some kind of big (expensive?) gift as a surprise for his wife, I believe.  Beacon outed him to his entire friend network and the friends contacted his wife before he got to show it to her ---- totally ruining the best laid plan.

Unintended consequences.

For the time being, I am testing the Yahoo one.  They seem  quite far behind right now... but they are trying to get into the game.  Right now it seems to be trying to figure me out by offering me things on sports, regular news, entertainment news, etc.  It also offers the weather... though it is not consistent.  But it seems that it is trying to figure out what of the things it offers that I appear to be interested in.

I will test it this week to see if information changes significantly based on where I am in the city.
+sanjuro ogawa still nothing compared to Google Now and its listed under voice search as Google now is an extended capability of search.

+Brahim Ruño flash can easily be installed on jelly bean as I've been using it since day one also its not supported anymore is all and I think we need to move on to HTML5 but its not that easy and killing it off so soon was a mistake
I guess the only thing you can't do with your Nexus is stop obsessing, comparing, or thinking about the iPhone 5.  
Breaking News: 18 months later Apple Fanboy is still sour over nexus post. 
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