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Remember My Baby
UK based registered charity of professional photographers volunteering their photography services
UK based registered charity of professional photographers volunteering their photography services

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To date, over 600 sessions have been provided by over 100 volunteer photographers in 24 months in over 135 maternity units, NICUs, hospices and funeral directors across England, Wales and Scotland.

RMB's Volunteer Photographers are supported not only by the Co-founders but also by Regional Coordinators and a team of skilled Digital Retouchers, who assist with editing sessions either with time constraints, or technical requirements such as tube removal.

We are grateful to our amazing team of Volunteers, but also to their families, friends and colleagues who support them with childcare, transport, school runs, etc., to facilitate them attending a session at short notice.

We are grateful to Bereavement Midwives & Managers, NICU nurses, Hospice nurses and funeral directors for offering the families in their care the option of Remembrance Photography and also for extending a warm welcome to our Volunteers, printing spare consent forms, helping in sessions, and even carrying kit back to reception.

Finally, thank YOU for your incredible support and fantastic fundraising - the network grows. Thank you, we couldn't do any of this without you.

Two amazing years of helping families remember their babies.

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I joined Remember My Baby because ...........

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Training Sessions held around the UK for new recruit volunteer photographers

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Imagine a photo session that not only provides memories but also provides the only images that a parent will ever have of their child. A session so important that you only have one chance, one chance to create a forever memory, one chance to create a lifetime of images in a single session, one chance to help a grieving parent heal.

Remember My Baby (RMB) is trying to expand baby remembrance photography services to all hospitals and birth centres in the UK.

If you are a skilled photographer and are willing to volunteer your time and services to helping families who are experiencing the loss of a baby before, during or soon after birth, we ask you to consider becoming a volunteer photographer for RMB.

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A recent training session held in Staffordshire for RMB volunteer photographer.

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Remember My Baby, Remembrance Photography
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