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Jake Gross
Training - Tranquility - Tech
Training - Tranquility - Tech

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Really digging Ozomatli today. Haven't listened to these guys in years. #listeningto

Also, if you don't have a Google Play All Access subscription, what are you waiting for? If you're using Spotify, you should switch. 

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The Death Set - We Are Going Anywhere Man:

What a weirdly cool song. #listeningto

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Some great material inspired wallpaper. Looks great on my N5. 
A collection of Minima walls, dating back to prototyping stage.

51 Photos - View album

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I started a blog! Check it out and share away if you like it. :) It's called Training, Tranquility, Tech.

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The new Rentals album is tight. The more I listen to it the better it gets. #listeningto

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#nexus5 #snapseed 

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Such a great tune.


When exiting the app using the back button, if I had previously used the "hide read posts" button a few times, every time I hit the back button it brings me back through each post hide action before exiting. I just tried to exit now after browsing for a few minutes and hitting the hide read posts a few times and I had to hit back three or four extra times and I just kept seeing my front page refreshed over and over. 

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#Nexus5 #Snapseed 
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