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Kimberly O'Neil (JustKimOnline)

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Love the show!
Kudos to our friends Friends of Ebonie on their launch today.  

   #Millennials   #Young   #GivingBack   #Philanthropy  
The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute is the education and training division of the highly successful consulting boutique, Friends of Ebonie, LLC. Consisting of classes, workshop series, training modules, webinars and summits, The Young Black & Giving Back Institute is designed to change the way black millennials (19 - 33) and young, black professionals (25 - 40) learn about effective community leadership and philanthropy. Join us for our digital launch party to learn more and meet some awesome fellow leaders like yourself!  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ebonie Johnson Cooper (Friends of Ebonie). The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Young, Black & Giving Back Institute Digital Launch Party
Wed, September 10, 2014, 8:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Moving Forward! Happy Monday everyone! With email lists on several platforms that I have done absolutely nothing with, I made a decision to do more ...
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Kimberly O'Neil (JustKimOnline)

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Pure sweetness.
Entrepreneurs aren't all dorm rooms + hoodies. Challenge your idea of the average founder. #40forward
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A New York times poll found that most people didn’t stop blogging because they needed more content or because they didn’t know how to blog, they stopped because they simply didn’t see the point. They never figured out why they were blogging. If you are a busy person intending to maintain a blo
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My end of the year newsletter is here!  

A Time for Reflection!
A Time for Reflection! Happy New Year! LOL ….well really Happy December 14th! I have officially ended the 2014 work season and am taking the last tw...
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Wow what a list of accomplishments .. You are pretty amazing .
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You have an idea for a fiction or non-fiction book and you don't know what to do next? Maybe you're writing the book and feeling stuck or you're finished and um, now what? I get all of your letters inquiring about #writing a #book SO TONIGHT Alissa McGowan, Senior #Editor of Red Pen for Rent, joins me for a free comprehensive seminar to talk about the future of #publishing , how writers can be empowered, moving past fear and procrastination, and a blueprint of how you can move forward with your book. 

The incredible Alissa was the editor of my new book "The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love." I was just nominated for an African American Literary Award, Best #SelfHelp Book, and this I know for sure, having an incredible editor like Alissa on my team helped make this possible for me. I never want to write another book without her. 

My first book "Dare" is a novel about a sociologist trying to find love that was published by Simon and Schuster in December 2007/January 2008, so this new personal development book was a very different journey.

Alissa and I will share our knowledge with you on how to make your publishing dreams happen. 

Consider this free seminar to be our gift to celebrate the Literary Award nomination.


Read more about Red Pen for Rent and Alissa here:

Read more about my new book here:

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Abiola Abrams. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Part 2 of my interview with +Shannon Rice-Muruli , The Fire Her Teacher and CEO of Girlpreneurs Worldwide. 

In this segment, we talk about:

entrepreneurship and leadership are mutually inclusive at 00:15 
why people are paying attention to you at 00:57 
how you are leading others on social media  at 1:23
people are not always wanting to steal your idea at 2:07
practical ways you can develop your character at 3:51
your value at 5:48
what it means when you always want something for free at 6:10
why it is important to get pass NOT asking for help at 9:55

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Check out my tip in "6 Leaders Share Their Top Team-Building Tips"  via the Coworks .... #freelance    #trep   #treplife   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurship   #givingblueprint   #justkimonline   #kimberlyoneil   #kimberly   #oneil   #intern  
It’s estimated that by 2010, 40% of the American workforce will be freelance.  If you think about it, this ‘new way of work’ is a win for both business owners and their freelance counterparts. Freelancers can focus on projects that they love, while business owners can harness top talent to achieve great results. Why? The employment…
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My purpose: Using my gifts to support a greater good.

Kimberly O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer of The Giving Blueprint,  has been serving communities for as long as she can remember.   As a youth growing up in New York City, her parents instilled in her that service to others is a part of life and involvement isn’t an option.  By the time she graduated from high school, she had served her community through active volunteerism and that same spirit transcended through her collegiate and professional careers  as well.

A veteran government and nonprofit executive, she was appointed as the youngest African American woman City Manager in the United States, worked in the Executive Office of former Washington D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, facilitated management and leadership courses at Indiana Wesleyan University and served as the President/Executive Director of Pro Football Hall of Famer’s Darrell Green’s nonprofit organization, the Youth Life Foundation.  It was under the leadership of Mr. Green and his authentic spirit of philanthropy that Kimberly realized the immense impact that public figures have on charitable giving and community service.

After a 17 year career, Kimberly took a leap  to follow her purpose of social entrepreneurship with the goal of being a catalyst for change and encouraging others to make charitable giving a part of their lifestyle.  She created  The Giving Blueprint  to  assist public figures with their philanthropic efforts and to design opportunities for them to partner with causes for which they are passionate.

Throughout the year, Kimberly hosts several “Just Kim and Friends” charitable events to support causes.  She is also the founder of  Leadership Den, a no-cost development and mentor program network for emerging leaders under 35.

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