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Artur Taurus
Ever heard about the Creator? Lord Sabaoth? La Eternal? Witkacy was just one of his names. Know them all, from the source.
Ever heard about the Creator? Lord Sabaoth? La Eternal? Witkacy was just one of his names. Know them all, from the source.

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Western leaders are angry on the Lord because he thwarted their Cold Fusion plans but is all hope lost? The price of Fusion is a war with Russia but Lord offers also a long lasting peace between brothers.

The fact of existence of Messiah changes dramatically many things. If it comes to the Cold Fusion it can mean a new World War.

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The Lord have a firstborn Son. His Enemies can triumph now but can Poles be truly happy?

So it is a fact. The God have a Son and together with the Holy Spirit it is classic Trinity now. The only thing the Lord regrets is that he cannot raise his son.

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"Robed his father, for higher purposes
philosophical conquest, wherever is possible"
Kiss of Mongol Prince, Armia (2003)
Kabbalah has many secrets, like those of replacement of world leaders. But sometimes this secrets are personal one while can have dramatic influence over the life of the Lord.

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It can sound like science fiction but it is deepest secret of Kabbalah. The world leader have their replacements waiting for them in the hideout. Not only nuclear terrorism is real...
It is maybe hard to believe but some of world leaders have their genetic clones waiting to replace them. It is maybe biggest secret of Kabbalah.

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The cult of Smolensk is no different from the cult of Horst Wesel Lied. Will tihs year march will change into manifestation of Nazism. Will Poles be marching against the Lord in tune of Anthem of III Reich?

The ruling PiS does not care about the Lord instructions regarding his Judgment and is building up their Smolensk cult. Everything happens with silent consent of Europe.

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They are gearing up not only with the Smolensk march. In backround they are preparing new wave of terror attacks. How to answer on it?

The Lord appreciate stance of US Secretary of State John Kerry although he believes that in face of terror it must be even harder. For a terror we must pay back in terror.

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Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,..
The key element of Maltese rule of the world is a white powder – called cocaine. Nowadays it is true plague not only among the rulers.

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Every century the Lord is judging the people. Next time he will do it just in 2033. What to do to avoid a doom?

Our opponents slowly track down situation in which they are. Painting the cometh phenomen like a terrorism they try to find our the way to survive it. It is only the Lord that would decide if this would be the end.

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Lord comment on recent teaching of Pope Francisco. Written from perspective of Judaism.
The Lord is happy that the Pope Francisco closely follow God's Word but at same time Lord thinks he goes too far in his teachings while Lord must admit it is very Christian thing.

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The Islamic State for first time made a declaration aginst the Lord. Looking for symphaty among Poles they paint themselves as those one that will revenge Smolensk...
After terrorist attack in Brussels the Islamic State in special video addressed to their followers has announced that “Belgium has been punished” but many could wonder for what?
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