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When I do distance healing treatments for clients, I often end up working from home. I use my large Paddington Bear as a surrogate for the individual and work at my kitchen table. Inevitably, within 5 minutes, my feline entourage shows up. Avik usually hovers, and Velvet puts at least a paw (if not half her body) on the bear. I really think cats are natural Reiki masters. They always seem to be helping out.
Ok, I woke up about 4:00 this morning with the text of this post running strongly through my head before I'd even had a chance to realize I was awake yet. Went back to sleep and it was still there when I woke again, so I guess someone out there needs to see this today. :-)

Remember that, in addition to using Reiki on people, animals, and tangible things, you can also use it to help you resolve situations such as a conflict with someone, or a need to sort out an issue.

Remember, if the situation is a conflict with another person(s), it is far more productive to send Reiki healing energy to the situation itself rather than to any specific individual (other than yourself) associated with it. Set your intention for the Reiki energy to help you respond to, and resolve, the situation in a way that will serve the highest good of all concerned. Love and higher intention always trumps.
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Thank you, Quinton! Glad it resonated. :-)
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Most people dismiss meditation as a bunch of hippy nonsense. But no longer; scientists have established that meditation, if done regularly and for long enough, is linked to the brain being able to pro...
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hindus from very ancient times used to practice meditation and vere most intelligent and prosperous! everyone must meditate and practice yoga to be healthy!
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Friday funny share. . . Have a great weekend, everyone.
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I have come to believe that life works better when we allow rather than push.
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AJ was the latest to recently serve as a PathFinder "Reiki class dog". What a sweetheart! This little guy is just pure love. He loved his Level 1 class so much that he came back on Sunday for Level 2. He was serious "mush" by the end of the weekend. Thanks so much to AJ's moms, Marti and Johanna, for sharing him for the weekend.
I have found that people respond more powerfully to the energy space we hold than to what we say. Whether we are a friend, family member or healing facilitator, it often is our ability to be fully present, listening, accepting, and in allowance of the individual in that moment, that is most important.
I've learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you
did; but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

Let's all try to make someone feel good each day, if only in some small way. It takes much less than we realize to do so.
A nice modern day validation of one of the Reiki Principles, "Just for today, I will show appreciation". I remember using a couple of the techniques suggested in this article when I was trying to retrain my brain to focus more on the blessings in my life than on what was lacking.
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Reiki Helps Bernese Mountain Dogs. This past week, I was so excited when I got a chance to work with a couple of Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bentley and Sue. These dogs are so awesome, I felt humbled in their presence. It was such a privilege to share space, time, and energy with them.

Sue was rescued a few years ago from a puppy mill where she had been cruelly kept and used as a breeding dog. She had regained her spark with love and care after adoption into her forever home about 4 years ago. When I went to work on her, I was told that she had a suspicious lump on her side and she was limping and having problems with her hips/back legs.

However when I started her session, I was drawn to the side of her neck where I was magnetized for almost 30 minutes. When that released, I felt a wave of sadness moving out, then a period of general energy clearing throughout her fleld. Her human then shared with me that Sue had never seemed to be able to lift her head up; she always walked around with it hanging down, and she never played.

When I finished her session, she held her head up for the first time. The next day she went to the lake, held her head high, ran like the wind and exhibited play with Bentley for the first time. Go, Sue!
Carrie Laymon, your Austin energy healing specialist, is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a TX Dept of State Health Services approved provider of continuing education for Texas massage therapists.
Carrie has operated a full-time professional practice of energy healing in Austin, Texas since 1999 and has taught Reiki classes on a monthly basis since 2000.
She incorporates a wide variety of energy healing techniques for stress reduction, physical, mental and emotional healing, and personal or spiritual growth. Her life purpose and passion are guiding others to find and follow their own unique pathways, and to use their special gifts and skills to the highest potential.
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