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Few things in life can make me drop a tear or two. But when some of the best people on this planet are lost to age-related diseases, I feel terrible. Steve's death was the last nail in the coffin. I will not marry or settle down until therapies for repairing age-related damage get into clinic.
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It's really sad, in the last 4 years such a foundation has been laid on alleviating or curing humanity of some major ills over the next 10 years. Pathogenic infections of bacterial, fungal and viral nature. Oncogenic propensities of various tissues and cells, junk accrual, telomere reduction, atp inefficiencies all have been put firmly in the cross hairs with some amazing fundamental research that has come out just in the last 4 years! It's sad that Jobs just missed the boon that is going to come out of all of these foundations but we can say without doubt that he helped speed them accelerating the computers on which much of this basic research was done, a sad irony that recognizes his wide contribution to humanity while reflecting on his loss.
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