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Chiara Bersano
HR Systems professional and world citizen.
HR Systems professional and world citizen.

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Have you heard of DISRUPT HR? read here to learn more.

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S/4 and HCM cloudy relations
A few months have passed since the official announcement of
S/4 HANA, and during SapphireNOW 2015 SAP executive held the Cloud Edition to
baptism. Guides, reviews have been published, and analysts offered their
opinions. Then in June, during the HR2015 conf...

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My most recent post.

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Visual CVs - a comparison and a poll
A new toy has appeared since some time in the Recruitment world - tailing the end tail of the infographics' visual appeal: the Visual CV - or in other words, your resume reduced (or improved) in its infographic format. Multiple options have appeared, with d...

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Chiara Bersano commented on a post on Blogger.
Can't wait to hear about your take on Fieldglass and People Procurement! :D

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A rose by any other name - or, is it HR or IT?
While reading the news of the day yesterday morning, I happened by this post  by my trusted friend Prashanth Padmanabhan.  The debate started well before we started speaking about "CLOUD" or SaaS, discussed many times, at meetings, global user groups and co...

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Confluence 2014 in Santa Clara
On March 5th, I attended Confluence 2014   in Santa Clara.  First thing first: I must give thanks to the organization of the event, who contacted me and was kind enough to invite me to attend. It was a day very well spent.  The title of the event could appe...

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Just a quick update - with a recently published interview.

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Have you ever regretted not doing an MBA?
HA. Well, no, I never wanted to go for an MBA (even if occasionally I considered the idea, in particular when my alma mater EPFL started sending me the pamphlets detailing the  executive MBA in Management of Technology ); I remember too well the sense of re...

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This a good, interesting journal of a global Workday Implementation, moving from the US to the "rest of the world", and starting to face the classic data challenges of globalization. Good job writing it up!
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