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Katie Cross
Hiker, biker, runner, worker outer, writer, and cookie fanatic
Hiker, biker, runner, worker outer, writer, and cookie fanatic

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Can any of you Indies/Self pubbers help me out?

I'm doing an hour long presentation with my public library on what it's like to be an indie right now. (The true, nitty gritty stuff). I put together an anonymous survey through Google Forms that will help me get a glimpse of what it's like so I can give good information.

If you'd take it yourself, or share with people who would, that would be HUGELY appreciated!

Thank you! MUAH!

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Just finalized and released The Network Series Collection! All six books are available in one ebook (on all platforms) for only $9.99.

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The final book in my YA fantasy series is available to purchase! (ebook only. Paperback coming soon!)

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I've had a few people ask me for update pics of my little (which I rarely release because . . . paranoid) and also had some questions about what my life is like as an author and a Mama, so I did a post.


It's been a few months. Let's just leave it at that. 

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My chick lit novel, Bon Bons to Yoga Pants, is free across all ebook platforms this week! Snag your copy, and get a free preview of the second book, "I Am Girl Power". 

#freeebook   #freebooks   #toogoodtobetrue  

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It's been awhile since I've spoken with my squat rack. 

But no more! Today I started lifting again despite having the neediest newborn on the planet. My chick lit book series, The Health and Happiness Society​, is the perfect place to talk about changing back into healthier habits.

Because I've been talking to Oreos, not my bumper plates. 

If you need workout motivation, or just someone to laugh at, stop on by. Subscribe for instant access and subscriber-only goodies. 

Now go for a walk.

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I just signed a twelve week contract with a company called BookAppisodes to do an online serial starting November 8th!
(I know . . . I just don't have enough to do, right?)
"Finding Anna" premieres November 8th. Like BBTYP, it's free to read. Only this time YOU get to choose the ending of every chapter/beginning of the next. So cool. Seriously.
For my BonBonites out there, this story is inspired from a girl in BBTYP named Anna, whom Lexie meets at the gym at the end. You wanted her story?
You got it.
Help me spread the word, yeah? We're just over a week away from go time. smile emoticon

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Once upon a time I had a baby, and now it's sucking up my life in his gummy little smiles . . . 

But srsly, here's a little inside peek onto what it's like for me having a two month old and trying to toggle some semblance of a writing career. To be honest? It's not so bad. Yet. 

I'm sure when LM is mobile things are gonna change quick.

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+Gina Drayer 

Thought you may be interested to see the results of our mutual endeavor :)

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The prequel to my series is now available to purchase!

Get your copy of Mildred's Resistance today :)
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