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Any day the coconuts do not eat your skin is a good day.
Any day the coconuts do not eat your skin is a good day.


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Went to the local reptile expo this afternoon and added a couple of members to the family. A male knight anole (anolis equestris), and the sweetest female pinstripe ball python I've ever met.

I'm really happy with them both, but I bonded instantly with the python, of course. She's very calm and while she's curious, she's also almost shy.

I can't wait to get to know them both.

I haven't named either, yet.

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How I know he wants to be let out. 

Oh gosh, it really is hilarious. He's just leaning propped up against the doors, staring out at me balefully.

I can't even let him out, I'm laughing so hard. 

Update: he didn't actually want out after all. After opening the doors, he remained plastered against the air in the same position until a few moments ago, when he turned around, clambered up his favorite perch and is now watching me with a superior expression, as if he won one over on me. I wonder what battle he thinks he's won...
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So the Behemoth had been with me for a couple of months now. He's finally, finally on a normal eat-poop schedule.

When I first got him, he'd eat anything and everything given him, much more than he actually needed, and then didn't seem to be passing much through. Since he'd been on sand prior, I was very worried about impaction, but he's been cleared, and he's finally on a proper eating cycle. Relief!

And he's starting to slim down. I've adjusted his diet and made sure to get him lots of exercise. I wish that would work so easily for me!

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Turns out that given enough basic supplies, I'm quite happy to hermit inside my house forever.

I'm not sure that's entirely healthy.
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I didn't know that "food historian" was an actual thing, but now I want to be one.
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To the publications with whom we advertise,

If my submission instructions are to upload the pdf to a specific folder via FTP, please, please, PLEASE, for the love of my sanity, CHECK that folder before freaking out and contacting the ad rep, who also does not check before freaking out and contacting me as to why I did not send the ad.

It would save everyone a lot of time and stress if you just check. Even just once. Especially, especially if it had happened before and you've checked before and the ad was right there.
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I took my car to the dealership for inspection since it's free. They told me I had a tag light out. I went and got another to replace it, stated putting it in myself, only to find I didn't even need it. They literally unscrewed it just a little so that it had stopped working. And wanted to charge me $25 for a bulb change.

And wasted a lot of my time making me wait for my car so I could put the bulb in. It took them over half an hour to put the rejection sticker on after they called me with the results and I arrived to put the light in.
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About six snow plow trucks just passed us getting ready for tonight.

We're expecting an inch to an inch and a half of snow.
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Does this make sense to anyone else?

I'm moving.  I will also be working from home starting this month.  My company recommended Verizon FiOS to connect into their system because (they say) it is faster.  While on the Verizon wireless site, a chat box appeared asking me if I needed any help, so I thought I'd just ask if FiOS was available at my new house.  This is what followed after giving her my new address:

"(Verizon Agent).: I see there is Comcast in your area for home services.

You: Yes there is. Does that mean verizon would not be?

(Verizon Agent): I can just see there is Comcast in your area. Verizon Fios is a separate company from us here in the Verizon chats. We partner with Comcast.

You: What? I went through Verizon's website.

(Verizon Agent): Did you go through the Verizon Residential web site?

You: I did. However I was under the impression that Verizon and Comcast are two completely different entities.

(Verizon Agent): They are."

Has anyone else encountered this?  Am I just missing something?
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Are our google+ accounts no longer accessible from email?
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