The purchase skills of LED High Bay Light

Note the purchase of LED high bay light:
Firstly, the color to be coordinated, the procurement of mining lights back should be soft light, uniform brightness, which can effectively avoid prolonged exposure to the construction of eye fatigue.
Secondly, some special occasions, such as coal mining industry and other flammable and explosive areas to choose the highest explosion-proof grade.
Thirdly, the lighting of the body to use high-strength alloy shell, such a lamp can withstand strong impact or impact, to ensure personal safety.
Precautions for construction of led high bay light
First, the rational distribution of the location of lamps to achieve a reasonable distribution of light sources, such as high brightness, can make people feel larger space, on the contrary it is easy to suppress the piranha.
Second, in order to enrich the atmosphere of the lighting area, should reduce the energy level of lighting waste, where the construction area should be a reasonable distribution of mining lamp power and choice.
Third, the construction is completed on the site survey, there is no lighting dead ends, to ensure the normal operation of the construction.
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LED High Bay Light
LED High Bay Light
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