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Sarah Doombringer
Tasty, yet insidious design and illustration
Tasty, yet insidious design and illustration

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The Zombie World Kickstarter has almost reached our next stretch goal: The News Station! The survivors are still searching for the safe zone known as Refuge, and there might be some useful gear in the old station, assuming there aren't too many zombies infesting the place...

Come pledge and help us get there!

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Gen Con is way too soon, but there's no stopping this beast.

Here's my schedule. Holler if you want to set up some time to talk/hang/discuss teh business of elfgames.

6-9 pm - IGDN Social & Groundbreaker Awards at Loughmillers. You should come if you wanna mingle with indie game designers, maybe learn about the IGDN.
9 pm on - private Magpie event

10-12 pm: RPG Design and Publishing for New Creators. +Jerry Grayson, +Eloy Lasanta, Anna Engard, & myself will answer all your newbie questions about publishing. +Jason Pitre is in charge of reining us all in.

7 pm on: private event

7 pm on: ENnies! Come cheer all the women & PoC nominees with me. You voted, right? If not, please consider Bluebeard's Bride for Best Production Values.

9-11 am: Women’s Game Networking Morning Mixer

Thursday to Sunday
Afternoons: Magpie booth, # 2459, with Indie Press Revolution. We'll have new releases as well as our older releases.

And that's it! I'm taking it a little easier at the con this year, but from now until then it's pretty hectic. And remember you can play Magpie games like Bluebeard's Bride, Velvet Glove, Cartel, Epyllion, and more at our game room, ICC 245. You might even get to play with my cousin! :D

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Help the IGDN & Double Exposure send diverse designers to test their games at Metatopia!

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Lookit these woofs
Like werewolves? In Los Cazados, play werewolves who hide among the mortal populace, trying to keep an ancient enemy from rising up & destroying the border between this world and a realm of spirits and monsters. Check out this Urban Shadows minigame here:

May I suggest going to the ENnies to support the women & PoC nominated for awards?

Cuz support is awesome. I wanna hear the roof come down when +Chris Spivey wins, or +Shanna Germain wins, or when +Eloy Lasanta gets to pick up his Spotlight award, or all the supporting authors and artists I'm missing.

Use your voice. Tear this motherfucker down and let everyone hear you roar.

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If you love games, but do not make them, and yet would like to review them until your eyeballs bleed and then make the masses vote on your favorites, maybe apply to be an ENnies judge?

I'd love to see more women and PoC on that list next year, so if that's you (yeah, YOU), go apply. Wallow in the riches our community makes. Make your opinion on which games you think are the best heard.

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Alex is good peeps.
Okay, not messing around. Here's the link.

If you have any thoughts about how to restructure the tiers, please let me know. Otherwise - the doors are open!

Just a reminder that I still am not seeing most posts that I'm tagged in, so I'm not ignoring people.

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Do you love Masks: A New Generation? Check out the newest supplement, Secrets of A.E.G.I.S., now available in our webstore!
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