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Bitte folgen Sie mir zu meinem anderen Profil!
Bitte folgen Sie mir zu meinem anderen Profil!
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So, in 14 Minuten werden also meine Google+-Accounts gemerged. Ich bin dann mal weg für die nächsten 48 Stunden...

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Früher hatten meine Hosen durchgescheuerte Knie...
The Sign of Our Generation

Captured while waiting for the bus. Bro, methinks you need new pants.

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Wonderfully weird, wahrlich! (Danke +Dirk Moeller !)
Cookie Monster takes on Carly Rae Jepsen. Does it get any furrier than this?

[h/t +Philip Berne]


Wenn man den ganzen Morgen versucht, einen Fehler in einem Script zu finden, nur um nach ca. 4 Stunden festzustellen, dass die Dateirechte falsch gesetzt sind.

Das bezahlt wieder kein Kunde, und es gibt nicht einmal jemanden, dem man dafür kräftigst in den Arsch treten darf. :-(

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Billy Idol meets George Michael. Erstaunlich gut. :-))
Hatte ich dieses wunderbar trashige Mashup hier schon gebracht?

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Öhm... ja. Kommt hin. ;-)

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I wholeheartedly support the opinions stated here!
15 minutes of Google hate: The new G+ for Android 

Yesterday Google released a new version of Google Plus for Android during the ongoing Google IO Conference. This version fixes some UI shortcomings of the extremely bad 2.6 release, but it still has problems that make it awful to use.

1. Latency

The video below shows a Galaxy Nexus on Wifi behind a 50/10 MBit ADSL line, distance to hotspot < 5ft.

The application does not preload images, so while I am scrolling you can see blank color tiles that get filled with images only while I am already scrolling them off screen again (and I am going slow here, not the way I handle this app normally). On HSDPA this does not work at all, ever.

Articles are shown with very little text, and no comments are visible. So I have to actually tap an article to even find out what it is about. The article and comments are also not preloaded. Witness the latency when I am entering an article. This is incredibly annoying and needs urgent fixing:

- Preload articles and comments. Have a method to display unread comments inline (if only the last 2, as with 2.5, that would be fine).

- For non-photo articles (see below) show more text. Use a small font, or make the font size used selectable in the settings.

2. Weird idea of what constitutes a photo

If an article has any kind of image at all, Google treats it to the photo layout instead of the textual layout. That means: Almost no text is shown, and the image is scaled in order to fill a ridiculously large image tile.

It would be useful to have a third kind of layout, text-article-with-image.

Article get the photo-article treatment only if all of the following are true:
- the image is a JPG file.
- the image contains actual EXIF data, preferably even with a camera maker and model name in it
- the image has a minimum size so that it does not need to be scaled up

Articles that contain images that do not fulfill all three of these conditions get the text-article-with-image treatment.

Articles that contain no images get the text-article treatment.

These two fixes would bring the stream usability back to version 2.5 levels.

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Sehr gut. Ich habe 20 Jahre gebraucht, aber ich habe es vor 7 1/2 Jahren geschafft, aufzuhören - und ich dachte auch, ich würde das nie schaffen.

Du weißt es ist Montag wenn ein nichtssagendes Video, in dem ein dämlicher Dackelwelpe mit einer Krabbe spielt, 32x in deiner Timeline auftaucht. <seufz>

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I second that!!!
Write like the wind

This is pretty much what a lot of us want to say to George R. R. Martin. 
We just can't sing, or play instruments.. and.. this is just awesome! 


h/t to +Björn Dietz 
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