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Jerry Thurber
Hoping to have an impact on the new data economy
Hoping to have an impact on the new data economy

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Can the Marriage of Watson and Amelia Produce the Perfect HR Robot?
Once conceived as a metal humanoid
complete with retractable arms, blinking lights and a synthesized voice, a
robot made no attempt to hide what it was: a man-made machine programmed to perform
a specific set of functions and tasks. It served a purpose, to ...

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Success Wakes Up How Early?
I read the post below from CB Insights   the other day and wanted to re-post it here. According to the information in this list provided originally by Laura Vanderkam  of the World Economic Forum  there are 14 things successful people do before breakfast. T...

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I recently started to learn how to throw darts. Pretty much
everyone can throw darts – but not everyone can hit what they are aiming at (me
included) so I decided I’d go online and see if there were lessons about the
proper way to throw darts: Of course the...

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We are looking for unsung heroes
We are looking for unsung heroes that are courageously taking
a risk and challenging the status quo in their own, genuine way.  We want
to honor people that have put forth a creative thought, led with compassion and
created a movement because we believe tha...

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Simple Lessons for Creating High Impact Speeches.
This is reprinted from a post by  Ava Diamond* and I really liked it so I thought I'd re-post it here for my audience. Not my normal post - but good stuff all the same! Masterful speakers don’t
just pop out of the womb that way.   They learn, they study, th...

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Ode to the Skeptical HR Leader
I am doing my
job quite well; thank you. I work from
dawn to dusk. And if I feel
like I can’t get ahead Of all that needs
to be done. I am an HR
leader. And I do my
job quite well. I was born to
question, Skepticism is
my game. Too much
magic sauce Promised...

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A little yoga recruiter-style from your friends at Innotrieve
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