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Wish you all a very happy, prosperous, and awesome Diwali.

Enjoy this day of lights with joy, and have lots of fun.


Post has attachment is working on its new, updated interface!!!

I loved its new look. What about you?

Come and join me on!/user/akapribot

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Google Maps
got updated and re-designed.

Had you tried the new Google Maps?
Don't say no, GO and try your hands on it.

You won't wanna miss it!

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Enjoy running #Python scripts right inside your browser using #Skulpt . It's sweet and simple. Give it a try!
#Skulpt  is an entirely in-browser implementation of Python., it is a very interesting way of porting python module to js, and some tutorials on line are helpful to implement PURE PYTHON modules. Some packages though use C codes and I was wondering if anyone tried to implement such packages like numpy or scipy to Skulpt (or any equivalent solution). Thanks !

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A minor design update to my logo, which accompanies the design improvements on my web-place

Apple is trying to lure low-budget markets with its new and upcoming iPhone 5C. Coming time will only reveal if its strategy really works out!!!
#apple #iphone5c  

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A new motto. A new logo. World is changing, and so am I.

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Google's Code Jam

Are you ready to code?
Our 10th annual global Code Jam kicks off on April 12. In this worldwide online programming competition, developers use their favorite programming languages to solve algorithmic problems and win prizes. Register now at, where you can also find practice problems to gear up for the first round of the competition. More info on our blog:

Happy Women's Day !!!

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Windows 8 can be interesting to use and play but would you buy it without giving it a try? May be not. So why not try it without affecting your current operating system:
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