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Katie Allen hung out with 5 people.Obehi Onabanjo, Arkayla Napper, TJ S, Vic Samual, and özen denizz

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Katie Allen hung out with 6 people.Obehi Onabanjo, Mckenzie Fair, George W, Jailyn C'Yerra, Nick T., and REXY RED


On my bus today my bf and a kid in a lower grade were fighting and im pretty sure they r gonna get wrote up

Today i went on a field trip with my school. it was super awesome exept when my friend he's been my feind since like kindergarden but when our class was watching some shows in like a little movie theater, THE DUDE TRIED TO MAKE A MOVE ON ME!!!!! man i was totally creeped out( and for my freinds that know me it was tyler and i know your all like ooohhhhh and im like ikr )

Hey people well i decided to make a little page on google+ about bullying. So if your being bullied they just post what's happening on my page and i will try my best to help you the best i can.

Hey People!!! Are you bummed school is back? I AM!!!!!!

I really dont want to go back to school.
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