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Paperwork, Documentation and Technology Skills. Building A NOTES and Memos File for My Superiors.
Paperwork, Documentation and Technology Skills. Building A NOTES and Memos File for My Superiors.

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This Sounds Like That Has Been Hidden
By Those Who Really Did Not Want Everyone
to Know How to Flip Houses or Properties.

The Real Fact: Is I Have Absolutely No
Clue Whatsoever of How to Flip Houses or
Homes. Even to the Extent that An Owner
Would Even Take a Chance on Me.

Furthermore: I Would Love To Flip a Few
Homes and Then With the Commision Buy a Motel with a Bunch of Rooms. And Rent The Rooms Out Dirt Cheap while I'm Still Flipping Houses Non-Stop.

Really: I Don't Have The Transportation To Go from Place to Place Anyway to Meet these Expected Owners. Because: I Am Disabled and My Driving Skills is a Joke. Good Question: Have You Ever Had Someone Like Me Before.

Am I Digging Myself In Any Deeper?

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The Destitute Man: The Story of
Cris Brown

"the Disappearance of Dad"

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Sealed With A Kiss (1962)
Brian Hyland

As Written in a Motel Room 217:
Throughout so many great thoughts
of living at the Palms Inn Motel
Room 217. As reflected in plenty of
my dreams and thoughts throughout
the days and moths at the Redwood
Gospel Mission.

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Watching This in Room 217
At a Motel with Really Great
Thoughts. Palisades Park 1962.

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Room 217: Is Also The Room at a
Motel that The Destitute Man Stays
In. The Destitute Man: Has many
thoughts and prayers of his future
place of residence.

As he foresees One Really Vacant
Motel. After many Tennant's had
Committed Suicide. After they have
not received nursing care and therapy.

In this story many Veterans have these issues.

(These Stories Are Exaggerated in
Many Ways) 

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A Prayer to God: That a Really Vacant
Motel Room 217 Become Available

Check out Don Taylor's Omelette Express on TripAdvisor

Omelette Express

Exceptional and Beyond Excellent
Service. I Am Giving a Really High
Rating Involving Such a Well Dedicated Business.

Don Taylor: Is one of the finest
contributors of this and many areas.
Has brought in tourists and visitors
from so many countries.

We Are Very,Very Lucky to Have
Such Business in Sonoma County
and in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Rating: *️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣ Highest.


Date: 4-23-2016.
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