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Pace of Change

Exploding from earth,
These gods of the land
Breach the sky
Touch clouds
And share the gifts of air
With mortals below.

Resting on earth,
Contemplating the passage,
The comings,
Pierced and shaped,
But unmoving.

Sinking into earth,
Atom, lump, chunk,
And cascade, brushing,
Flowing, tearing,
Growing smaller,
Like their parents:
Shadows of their power
Left for water,
Sky, stars to consider.

#BC #mountains #Yoho #Canada #EmeraldLake

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And winter's cruel embrace
Takes love's bloom
And does replace
With icy grasp so strong and foul,
'til spring with its mighty growl
Frees the bloom from its cool slumber
To bud and grow in untold number.

smp 11/17/2013

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A river through life does flow, /
It's power, majesty, and might on show /
For all us on bank to see /
How it travels wild and free, /
Or sometimes quite constrained /
By nature it is trained /
But finding a mere speck of weakness flows /
Without check /
Pouring forth its power so.

smp 11/18/2013

#yoho #naturalbridge #emeraldlake #canada

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Through the window of my soul /
I see a misty future; /
Time passage, she does roll /
on toward its inevitable meeting, /
Carrying yet another heart past /
the station of its call. 

smp 11/19/2013

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The cleansing fog of melting tears /
Hide in their the mist /
The sanctuary where nightmares and fears /
In fate's gibbet writhe and twist. /

smp 11/19/2013

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Snapped shut, with sunken key /
Two hearts bonded, free /
But locked together eternally /
The symbol lasts long past our story

smp 11/19/2013

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Falling into Winter's grasp /
The garden sleeps again /
The brutal season soon shall pass /
From slumber they'll be risen.

smp 11/21/2013
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