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Happy birthday, Lightnin' Hopkins!

“You have told this to your woman friend?” Terzibashjian leaned forward between the ultrasuede buckets. “In Turkey, women are still women. This one...”

The Finn snorted. “She’d have you wearing your balls for a bow tie if you looked at her cross-eyed.”

“I do not understand this idiom.”

“That’s okay,” Case said. “Means shut up.”

Rust: because why should dynamic languages have all the fun?

$ cargo install doggo

$ doggo Lilly
Lilly is a good girl!

$ doggo Noodle
Noodle is a d*ng fine woofer.

$ doggo Copper
Wow, Copper - what a decent canine.

$ doggo Journey
Journey hasn't chewed on toilet paper since her last birthday. Wow.

$ doggo Archie
They're good dogs, Brent.

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Both Go and Rust define strings in terms of UTF-8, but not in the same way.

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+Diana Heaney doesn't use #SleuthKit or #Autopsy, but she likes the little doggie stickers!


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Why yes, cargo, I did mean test! Thank you!

<3 #Rust

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We can do PowerShell in Linux now...including unit tests!

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I have a lot of knitting friends and a lot of programming friends, but the intersection of the two sets is small. Here's a talk that maybe both groups can enjoy!

Or maybe only people in that tiny intersection will enjoy it. I dunno. I loved it!

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Google Photos made this animation out of some of my Hampdenfest photos! The Get Smart's inaugural show!
Animated Photo

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Have you heard these new kids from North Carolina called the Electric Pinecones? Far out!
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