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Is there anyone here that ordered the sport from +Google Store​ and is unable to activate it on +Verizon​ ? I'm putting in imei number and Verizon site not recognizing it. #notthisagain

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Who got pixel protection?
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+Steve Fournier​ this is how it comes up. Links are there when u click in their respective location but icons aren't showing up.

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Did a little upgrading. Added water block to GPU (evga 1080 Fe) added 240 mm rad hidden from pic and bigger res plus some angled fittings . Looks good to me for now if I may say 

Question for water cooling gurus

I have phantek primo with the extreme 360 kit from ek. Will that 60mm radiator be enough to keep both at good temps without over clocking it for now? If not then debating where to add the radiator in the case so it's between CPU and GPU..

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Some updates done since last yr or so. Actually added 32gb more ddr4 few days ago so 8 sticks now. Waiting on evga gtx 1080 with water block then redoing water cooling😭😭

Do we have any updates coming in today? Planning to install the latest nexus 6 build from the 8th I think it was.

Anyone looking for a heroes of the storm by blizzard beta code? Got 3
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