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Ed Brown
Geek, Skeptic, Science-lover, Podcaster, Sci-Fi buff, Atheist, Activist.
Geek, Skeptic, Science-lover, Podcaster, Sci-Fi buff, Atheist, Activist.

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Book your tickets now!
Curious about the state of science in Australia?
Dr. Krystal Evans will be looking at the future of Australian research and innovation when she talks at #SoT150! Saturday 31 May at 7pm in Melbourne -

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Will be heaps of fun! Melbourne people grab a ticket!
Dr. Evans is "a warrior for science" - Australasian Science

In our technology-based society, what's the state of Australian science? What environment do researchers find themselves in, and where are we going? The future of Australian science is too important to be left to chance, so where is the long-term strategic vision for the future of science and research?

Respected malaria researcher Dr. Krystal Evans will be investigating these questions and more at the Science on Top Live event on Saturday 31st of May 2014 at the State Library of Victoria.

Dr. Evans has long been a campaigner for a more innovative and scientifically-minded Australia. In 2011, she was instrumental in the Discoveries Need Dollars campaign which was formed in response to rumoured medical research funding cuts. She is the Chair of the Australian Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum, which examines career structure, job security, funding, education, training and gender equity for Australian scientists.

After Dr. Evans' presentation, the popular Science on Top podcast will take the stage to record their 150th episode. SoT is a fun panel show looking at the latest discoveries and research from around the world. They'll be joined by planetary scientist from the Australian Nuclear Technology Organisation, Dr. Helen Maynard-Casely for what should be a fun and informative show.

The show will be hosted by comedian, scientist and science communicator Cobi Smith.

Get your tickets here!

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My new short film to support #penny4NASA  - please SHARE!

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Took a day trip down to Point Nepean and walked up Cheviot Hill. Was a hot day, but a nice walk!
Point Nepean
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Really interesting show! Loved the gibbon-song, but the earthquakes were worrying...
SoT 116: The Baby Disease

In a town with no previously recorded earthquakes, more than a hundred were recorded in one year. It's thought they were triggered by the disposal of waste water from fracking.

A new world record has been set for the smallest sequenced genome, and it belongs to a symbiotic bacteria living in leafhoppers.

Mother gibbons teach their daughters to sing, using a kind of 'baby talk'.

An ancient 'bog body' has been found with the skin intact. The body may be that of a king, killed in a ritual sacrifice. Because axes.

'Chronic excreters' could be the big obstacle preventing the global eradication of Polio.

A scientist jokes about a testicle-eating fish, cable news anchors panic. And giggle.

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SoT 115: Ozzie-Nauts

Mighty Maggots v Flesh Nom Bugs was a Pozible campaign that raised $9,970 for a trial. The trial aims to assess the ability of maggots to improve the rate of healing for people with Bairnsdale Ulcer lesions.

A new malaria vaccine has a 100% success rate in a small study. While promising, there are a lot of obstacles that need to be dealt with before this could be a viable Real World treatment.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has admitted that radioactive water has been leaking from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.

A material inspired by the cactus plant cleans tiny particles of oil from water.

100,000 adventurous people have signed up for a one-way trip to Mars. But did they read the timeline before signing on the dotted line?

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Look closer, there are no rotational movement
Animated Photo

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Hey Melbourne people! If you liked our interview with Pamela ( then you'll love seeing her in person! Please help make it happen, and pledge some support!
Help us get +Pamela Gay to Melbourne for some brilliant events! Any amount appreciated!

Please share me!

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A wonderful conversation with +Pamela Gay . One of the most inspiring people I know of.
SoT Special 009 - Dr. Pamela Gay

Dr. Pamela Gay is an astronomer and assistant research professor at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. She is the co-host of AstronomyCast, one of the longest running astronomy podcasts and Project Director for CosmoQuest is a non-profit organisation trying to engage people in both learning and doing science.

In this conversation we talk about her research on variable stars, as well as her involvement in citizen science and amateur astronomy. We discuss science education and funding, how AstronomyCast began and Pamela’s inspirations.

So tomorrow I'll be interviewing astronomer Dr. Pamela Gay for the +Science on Top podcast. Got a question you want me to ask?
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