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NOTICE: Am no longer using this page to comment or post. Please go to +TheTechnoToast for updates.
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NOTICE: Am no longer using this page to comment or post. Please go to +TheTechnoToast for updates.

What really grinds my gears: When something needs charging and you plug it in, only 5 hours later you go to use it and realise you didn't switch the charger on. #SoAnnoying

Apple's trouble

I think the reason iOS market share is so far behind Android is because Apple had a plan to release the Android features we have today, but over a 6-10 year period. Then Google came along, released the last thing on Apple's agenda first, and screwed up Apple's prepared timeline. Then Steve Jobs passed away, Tim Cook took over and Apple have temporarily lost control/panicked. Because any phone they planned to release would still be far behind Android.

It's been over a year since Steve Jobs' death, Apple have had time to let the dust settle. So there's a good chance the iPhone 6 will blow the best Android out of the water.

And with Jony Ive now handling iOS software, this further proves that Apple are stabilising.

Apple's new 'Every Day' ads

These ads are very clever pieces of marketing. They spend their time showing users taking photos of the world with their iPhone, or listening to music through their iPhone. At the end, a voiceover says, 'Every day more photos are taken with the iPhone' or 'Every day more people enjoy their music on the iPhone'. This statement says absolutely nothing about the phone itself, or that more people are buying and using it. The voiceover is simply saying that some existing iPhone users (could even be one user) take pictures with their phone every day. However the way the ad's wording subtly implies that more people are buying the phone.

Are Apple saying no-one's buying their iPhones?

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Wouldn't mind buying this from Apple ^_^

Freedom in the UK and USA

I think the recent terrorist attack in the UK is due to the fact that London is a very unique city, in that we welcome people of all ethnicities, cultures and religions. Because we are one of the few countries left that are free.

I think the reason these attacks keep occurring is because, time and time again, we ignore their attempts to destroy our freedom, and stand firm. After an attack, these monsters expect us to clamp down on freedom, pass laws that eliminate human rights, and become an oppressed nation, like their countries back home (Iran, Pakistan, etc).

Unfortunately I feel that the USA is beginning to follow the route that terrorists want them to follow. With bills like CISPA, ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, TPPA, many others that actively destroy civilians' right to privacy, bills such as the patriot act, and the simple fact that Congress came out immediately after the attacks in Boston and said 'we need more surveillance', I fear that the USA is becoming an oppressed nation, if it isn't already.

I urge you to pray that Obama, his administration and Congress are guided by God and not man.

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My latest drug-induced video. You must check it out. LEMON

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I'm steaming mad! I don't actually know why.

I'm actually glad Google didn't announce a new Nexus 7/4/10 at Google I/O this year. It shows that Google actually do things properly, rather than going for the 'quick let's get another update out' approach. This means that when the next Nexus is released, it will be a worthy update.

I always thought it was a bit obnoxious how everyone just expected a new Nexus device less than a year after the previous. the Nexus is a once-in-a-few-years device ^_^

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Just noticed that Google Play's icons have changed... :D
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