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Great news Rich - I miss seeing you
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They don't answer the phone even if you wait for hours on hold and there is no other ay to contact them because the "Contact Us" button on the website doesn't work. I cannot file online because, after applying to file online and having to wait for codes to be mailed to me, the codes did not work. The instructions for many of their forms make no sense. last year I should have gotten over $600 back but they wrote to me to tell me I was not entitled to any of the refund. I found out that they made a mistake by adding in all of my non-taxable pension income even though as a senior citizen I was entitled to exclude all of that income from taxable income. Had they not added it in (the amount of the pension was considerably less than the amount a senior citizen is allowed to exclude on his tax return) I would have received the refund of over $600. instead I received nothing. Their amended tax forms and, especially, the instructions are so absurd that it is not possible and probably not worth taking the time to fill them out. They make you add subtractions and then consider the subtractions as additions. In other words, the way the form works is to make you include excluded income not once but twice. In short, the CO Dept of Revenue provides no way to fix the problems it creates, provides no help and doesn't allow a consumer to contact them.
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