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Gustavo Tandeciarz
Developer, gamer, general technology enthusiast.
Developer, gamer, general technology enthusiast.

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I have 2 cubby invites - (

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Crazy that Google honors a murderer like that.
From -

In 1874, while still living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Muybridge discovered that his young wife Flora had a lover, a Major Harry Larkyns. On 17 October, he sought out Larkyns and said, "Good evening, Major, my name is Muybridge and here's the answer to the letter you sent my wife." He shot and killed the major pointblank.

In addition, he took pictures of horses.

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Well, who knew... you can click on the top bar in Google and it auto scrolls you to the top. How long will it take Apple to sue?

Let's add Google Talk to Google Reader, shall we?

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Love snow patrol. Hopefully the Navy Seals can add "Acting" to their list of skills

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whats with the fluorescent online orbs on google chat?

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Funny... and sad... damn this whole anonymity protection thing going on with the internet.

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Seriously... all I want for x-mas
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