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Some more great tips! Read up and then play around!

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Came across this and thought it had some useful stuff worth knowing in case anyone wasn't aware of something capable on here. :)

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First day of a new semester! :D

So I'm not out to Pacha tonight!! It's a-ok though because things are looking wonderful and I sense a good night's sleep ahead. :)

Out to Pacha tonight!!! Gonna dance through the rainstorm and it'll be so beautiful!!

Summer's come and gone, and 'twas no different from previous ones: A huge waste of time till I'm commanded to do something. A.K.A. A really bad cycle that shouldn't persist but I need to stop inhibiting myself from every given opportunity.

Question: Is G+'s private messaging system supposed to be Gmail? No that's E-mail. How about Google Talk? No, no, that's IM! So wait...

I see my future lying in Chelsea (a part of the city, not a lady--yet).

Got an interview in a few hours. Like a Boss. Fingers crossed this'll be the one guys!

In the words of a great lyricist in our current day "Now gon' take a nap man, It's naptime. I'll hola back at you at snack time!" I think we can all relate to that one, right Li'l Wayne? Anyway, it really is naptime for me.
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