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Magic Bus, Stampede Trail
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Denali National Park and Preserve, AK 99755
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Michael Prince
reviewed 7 months ago
I'll always remember the story. It hits close to home for me. I only wish I had the balls to live how he did in his later years. I've have my difficulties mingling with modern society. Many times have I pondered just walking away into a bigger life adventure like his. This does not make me suicidal. A little down about life maybe. Chris was acting irresponsible in respect of his well being, but that's his life to live. RIP
Lars Rosengreen's profile photo
Lars Rosengreen
reviewed a year ago
Chris lived and experienced in those 2 years what "normal" people struggle to in 10 to 20 years, even a life time for some, i'm sad that a young man that could have lived a long and good life with the peoble he cared for and who cared for him, ended his life so tragically, with even the simpleste survival tools his life could have been spared. I have the deepest respect for what he did and admire him for his courage, his courage for living life in the now, for every breath and smile and tear. I mourn for his familie, Jan & Rainy, Hal and the other peoble who got to know Chris. "True happiness can only be found when shared." - Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp RIP - a true life to live.
• • •
Paul Renner's profile photo
Paul Renner
reviewed 4 months ago
This is the worst restaurant I ever ate in. While it is "off the beaten path" and the scenery is lovely, the rest of the experience leaves much to be desired. The place is filthy, the food made me sick, and it smells like somebody died in there. Until the management learns how to wash the silverware and use a mop, I would steer clear.
Paulsdad Jones
reviewed 9 months ago
I haven't been to the bus or to Alaska, but would like to comment on Chris' experiment. In some ways he really wasn't that different from many other extreme risk takers (sky divers, BASE jumpers, free solo climbers, etc.) who want to see how close to the edge they can take it. Many of them eventually go too far and meet tragic ends. He was also not that different from homeless street people who, pursued by unknown personal demons, leave the safe and familiar behind and live under bridges and sleep in city doorways. I think he was in search of an unrestricted world that doesn't even exist in Alaska anymore. Even people in remote areas of Alaska who live by hunting must now have the proper permits and may legally hunt only during open seasons. It's likely he was an unhappy, depressed and impressionable person who read the works of unhappy depressed writers and took their words too seriously. I expect he had a death wish that was ultimately fulfilled. I think many of us read Robinson Crusoe and related books when we are young and long to escape to a similar environment. Most of us get over the impulse as we grow up. Some of the ones who don't get over the impulse do not survive.
• • •
Avery Morrow's profile photo
Avery Morrow
reviewed a year ago
Too many people do dangerous things to "find themselves". There's nothing to find. There's no permanent "self" independent of everything else. Even the hermit exists in relationship with society. Make healthy relationships and you'll have a healthy life.
Mike Fraser
reviewed a year ago
Chris was not a martyr, hero or sage. He was a foolish young man who had no clue what he was getting into and sadly paid the ultimate price for his wilful ignorance. I fail to understand how anyone could think otherwise.