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Magic Bus 142, Stampede Trail
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Denali National Park and Preserve, AK 99755
USAlaskaDenali National Park and Preserve99755
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"His brave adventured inspired me and I have a dream to visit this magic bus 142."
"...not just another 6 week hiking trip into the wild..."
"Magic Bus is an inspired and amazing spot in this World."
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José Neto's profile photo
José Neto
3 months ago
Magic Bus is an inspired and amazing spot in this World... Just wondering what Mr. McCandless passed by in this place makes me cry, makes me to reflect about what is really important... I got a Magic Bus tattoo in my arm and this tattoo means to me never forget what have to be valued, who I have to care about... So this simply old bus means so much to me, and this place supposed to be magical..
Tom McBride's profile photo
Tom McBride
10 months ago
True life exists outside the Matrix. After reading up on CM and reading the other reviews.. Look, You don't need fancy houses, cars, stacks of cash to live. You live by living and being one with yourself and others. If the movie was anything like his true life, it's not that he wanted to be alone, it's that he didn't want to be around people that supported and where part of the corrupt world system, he wanted out, we all do, but he was one of the people who had the balls to actually really try to do it. Many years ago, man used to hunt, fish, gather all the necessities of life from the wild. Granted many of the things man has produced over the years have been pretty spectacular, but what have we really accomplished in the last 100 years? Past 1,000 years? As much as I would like to sit here and list all the wonderful things, the bottom line is that we as a society have basically created a world of subservient beings to one another. The few super wealthy know this and control everything we experience, food, healthcare, education,.. Chris simply did not want to be part of this system that so many depend on. He lived by his own standards and lived the life he wanted to live. It's seems man's best creation in the last 1000 years is an outlet to belittle anyone who tries to think outside the box. Shame on the people who have commented in the way they have. CM lived more in his short years then all of you combined and it was more real then you could possibly imagine. Look past the system.
• • •
Milhan Mawahim's profile photo
Milhan Mawahim
8 months ago
just read christopher mccandless story after watching the movie into the wild! His brave adventured inspired me and I have a dream to visit this magic bus 142
Dave Hadley
9 months ago
Why is this young, confused, tragically misguided person being celebrated? It is NOT cool to die as a young adult, weighing 66 pounds. What did he contribute to the world, and what might he have contributed? It's very sad, no doubt.
Austin Peppers
7 months ago
One of my favorite books. Chris should inspire us all. He lived life the way he wanted, not the way society wants us too. I yearn to live in the wild someday and I hope I can have a little odyssey of my own. You don't have to be as radical as he was, but just realize that being a little different is okay!
Adrian Romero's profile photo
Adrian Romero
10 months ago
I've just finished reading the book and watching the movie and I have to say something: I'm a fifteen year old, I think McCandless actions have a deep meaning. I mean, he didn't do what he did because he just wanted to get away from society or because he was angry with his parents. No, I think he went to Alaska because he needed to. He needed to know who he was, he needed to find happiness, to learn what happiness means. I think he did find out what it means. He may have not taken the wisest decisions, but he was concious of that. My opinion about McCandless is that he was someone who I'll never forget. I would like to visit the Magic Bus, even though it's gonna be a long way there from Argentina. Happiness only real when shared.
• • •
Greg Ringele
in the last week
It's been over 20 years, and the story still inspires.
abhinav pal's profile photo
abhinav pal
7 months ago
i just watched into the wild ! And this place is so fascinating that i cant even sleep! I just want to be there ! Someday i wish i could be here!! Amen!