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Call for your FREE 5 Point Chiropractic Accident Examination

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How To Get More Customers Using Online Press Releases For Advertising and Content Marketing ? 

Would you like to be featured on the major news wire services like CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, etc.? 

Have you ever thought about how many NEW CUSTOMERS you would acquire if you could get your service, product, or idea on the highest ranking news sites on the internet?

Stop dreaming and see how easy it is to featured on CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX NEWS, and over 100 Newspaper services.

I bet you can see how this would give you a huge boost of Google love and page one ranking for your company, band or blog.

How do we do this?

At RainMaker Promotions we will drive more traffic to your website and phone number by getting your story to the customers who are looking for you online.

Rainmaker Promotions we will also make sure that your online press release is placed on the major search engines while delivering it directly to hundreds of news hungry journalists and bloggers. Their subscribers will see your online press release article over and over again.

You can now blast your services to the top of google's and Bing's search engines at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for classic SEO marketing. And oh yeah, you do not have to wait for 90 days to see any change in your ranking like classic SEO consultants promise. 

And do not worry, if you do not know how to write your online press release, we have your back, we can do that for you too for pennies on the dollar.

Set up a Free Strategic Consultation Today: (503) 895-8860


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Best Psychic Medium Animal Communicator in Atlanta Boo Newell

Boo Newell has had a deep love and understanding of animals for over 25 years. 

She realized her incredible gifts with animals as a young girl and has developed her gifts since then. 

She will be happy to discuss with you your animal’s questions and concerns.

The most common questions we ask pets in animal communication consultations are:

• Are you in pain?
• Why do you have this new (unacceptable) behavior? Are you trying to tell me something? Is there something you want? Is there something upsetting you?
• Are you willing to change or stop the behavior? If so, how can I support you in stopping the behavior? What would have us living joyfully and harmoniously?
• How is your health? Are you in pain? If so, where do you hurt and how can I help you? How may I enhance your wellbeing?
• Do you like your food? Are you lacking any nutrients in your diet? Do you feel fully nourished? Are you sensitive or allergic to anything that you are eating? How is your digestion, circulation, etc. etc.?
• Do you like the activities we do? Is there something else you would rather do?
• Are you happy on your own or do you want a companion of your own species or of another species?
• Do you like my new boyfriend, girlfriend? Do they treat you well?
• Do you feel stressed, frustrated, bored?

Please call: 404-296-4558 to talk to Boo.

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Coming to a Town Near You…………………..very soon !

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Have you downloaded the Ebola Detection and Prevention Android Mobile App?

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Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills Ebola In Two Minutes

Uncle Sam needs to open his check book and order hundreds of these pronto.

Learn more:

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