Beware of Fake Support Websites.

After reading this article:  I did the same for searching “Facebook Support” in Google.  Damn. Now they changed the Title of the Ad from “Facebook Support” to “FB Tech Support” :( and that ad leading to a page which shows big Facebook banner with toll free number and text “Facebook Support Anytime Anywhere”!!!  (Look at 2nd Image)

Yes. Once upon a time Facebook deleted my account for a silly reason. (For connecting with new people!) Can they retrieve my account back? I mean support from these fake guys…  (May be possible)

And searched for “gmail support” in Google. OMG! There are 4 Fake sites coming in Ad results. :(  compfixo removed their “Facebook Support” fake ad and now opened similar ad for Gmail with @ symbol in the Title.

I don’t know how they got approved to run ads in Google. But please don’t trust these websites they will simply collect your money and you will be faked.

I analysed compfixo[dot]com website. This website hosted in Haryana – Gurgaon, India Location with the label “Private Customer “.
And they even have support for Yahoo Mail: , HP: , Skype: , Dell: , and many more.
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