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David Brainerd Pritt
Just an average guy who has lived the Life of Walter Mitty in Reality
Just an average guy who has lived the Life of Walter Mitty in Reality


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Sound Cloud Audio Clip, this is part 2.

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Sound Cloud audio clip on Prison Ministries (part 1)

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Out of all my G+ leads! email addys--Twitter & Facepunk, probably a good 500 directly received a message from me asking them to Group Fund Drive, or Crowd Source, to help me get a Beta Model Google Glass. I used Pay It Square , as in

I even built in incentives for big contributors. (e.g. Using the device exclusively). All I kept hearing was "Hey, it's the Holidays, we flat broke"

Which made me wonder WHO #Google #Glass REALLY wants to see use this device in its Beta stage. Why did they not create an in-house way of internally financing it (e.g. ACH from your Bank Account $200 for 8 months).

So midnight, Thursday. # Google won't care, #SergeyBrin won't care.

If you have a shred of wanting to help, click away

Want to get Guerrilla in this, see how many people you can put it in front of before deadline tomorrow noon.

The clock is ticking.....tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

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I worked for the UN once in Macedonia. If you ever have a chance to visit, then go there.

I was one of the first ones in Bosnia during the War. I was in
Olovo, and had some troops I staged in Sarajevo.

Both places are beautiful. Go if you ever can.
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I received an invite code for #Google #Glass

As a retired wounded warrior, the sticker shock hit me, especially in the holiday season.

The code expired. I kept in constant contact with #Glass #Support.

The credentials I bring (without listing a CV) should make SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN in Google say: "Hey that guy is an asset!"

Or you would think.

I even informed them I wanted to launch a "Crowd Sourcing Fund Drive" to raise funds, with benefits going to those who donated $100+

(e.g. Receive the Glass Device for a week, photograph, upload vids,
Add to the visibility of it. I have created a unique Gmail addy )

I received a response from #Google #Glass #Support. The tone and flat out rejection angered me. Then it was signed with a common BRITISH closing.

Should I have mentioned to this ONE PERSON I was dealing with: "Hey mate, I am a full British Citizen myself"? No, that's childish.

I have been involved in fielding, in the R&D of many products in technology.
#Google has failed in their very first Business Model Ethos: DO NO EVIL
Because the opposite of that postulate implies as a Business, or employer, you should strive to DO GOOD.

Thanks #Google #Glass

PostScript: Ohh, "CHEERS MATE". You're a #Wolly Google ought to ship to #TeamBlackBerry

I got an invitation to participate in #Google #Glass program. I would have to purchase the #Explorer Device. Currently $1500 is beyond my discretionary funds limit.

A good friend suggested I try a "Crowd Sourcing Fund Drive".

Just wondering out loud if anyone has any thoughts on this approach. Would you contribute to a #PayPal site towards this??

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In the spirit of sharing info. I'm surprised most people are un-aware of what a MiFi is. (See pic).

It is a portable WiFi router. Anywhere. Anytime.

You can add it as an additional line to your carrier, but you'll be paying monthly for Data you don't use.

A Pre-Paid one, or "Pay as you go" is best. For example you can get 5 GB's of data for $50. Or 2 GB for $25(?). The device will tell you how much you've used. Each month your use-age will vary.

You can also allow up to 10 devices to access it (assuming you give them the password to access it. I keep mine in Secure mode at all times).

I think the device (prepaid) is $100. Thus for $150 outlay of money you have Internet access built in. (Why pay extra for a tablet that has this built in? Answer: you'll save money.).

In the spirit of not making this a VZ ad, every telecom have these,even the smaller ISP's starting up (example: Clearwire. They're not everywhere, but I know price point wise, they're more economical than VZ.).

Share if this info is useful. Thank you.


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Clayton Morris & his tech friends always have great reviews!
Here are five great apps. My thanks to +Sarah Lane for featuring ReadQuick in her round up of great apps. 

Watch here:

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Great day! Beautiful weather
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Just 2 weeks left. Crunch time now
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