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emerging themes, pt 3 - still in the woods
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matt steffen

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been working on a long running project
trying to find some cross pollination of my love for music, history and my home state of ky

made some headway last week visiting historic sites pertaining to ky music
uploaded some of the results to facebook

visited some of these as a kid and complained that they weren't disney world
somewhere my dad is getting the last laugh on that one...
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matt steffen

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good morning everyone,

thought i would take a minute to introduce myself.

my name is matt, i tend to shoot what i love and try to not interfere too much.  lots of music, lots of trees.  i also tend to spend a fair amount of time in the geek pool, playing with alt-process / technical tweaking / retro fitting kinda stuff.  here's a quick grab of some stuff i've been playing with.

glad to be here. thanks, steve for setting it up!

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Yeah Matt....2 thumbs up for Steve setting this up
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matt steffen

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Hello Everyone,

I'm starting a new project at this year's Fringe Festival (May 28-June 8) called The Cincy Photomob.  The basics:  we will descend on a location, shoot from a given vantage point, then email me the pics.  I will then put them all together into a large composite image. 

I'm curious what people see, what they find interesting and what they overlook completely.  The more I can get to participate, the better.

The first night (Tuesday, May 28) has a few impromptu shots that will be announced at the kickoff party.  A couple are scheduled at the link below.

If anyone is interested in joining in, bring a camera (or phone), bring a friend.  Have a beer with me at the Know.
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i'm halfway through the photomob experiment
first few have turned out pretty weird and awesome

the washington park and mural shots are ongoing, if you're in the neighborhood...
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matt steffen

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did everyone see this?

part of the know theatre's jackson street market
you bring $10, a dish and an idea for a community based art project
end of the night everyone votes on who gets the money collected

the next dinner the recipient presents the completed project

pretty interesting idea
first one is this sunday at 4pm
anyone interested?
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hey everyone!  thought i'd give you all a follow-up on this thing.  the know's artist supper club's maiden voyage went well.  about 30 attended, 5 people proposed a project.  3 theatre based, one community garden and i pitched a photo project.  one of the theatre groups won, which i kinda expected, being it was at the know and advertised to those on the know's mailing lists.  nothing shady just a matter of similar interests of the receivers of their marketing.  my project was well received though, which makes me hopeful for other artforms to have chance.  

next one is june 23.  $10 and a dish for the potluck dinner.  propose a project if you have one, vote for the one you think should get the admission money.  the know matches the pot up to $500.  the project must then be presented (completed) by the following artist supper club which happens every 3 months.

come on out, meet some people, possibly fund your project or have a say in where the money goes!
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i bought my first camera when i was 10, my first guitar when i was 14 and my first computer when i was 21...been trying to meld those together ever since
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