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I want to like this store but the owners/workers won't let me. I just read the post about the women with kids. I don't have children, but even when I go in by myself, the woman there is incredibly rude. She treats you like she's doing you a favor by letting you enter. Once I asked about bringing in consignment clothes. She all but sniffed as if to say I couldn't possibly have anything she'd be interested in. I was well-dressed, with my makeup and hair done, not in grubbies. I have had this experience with two people there; a woman with gray hair (who may be the owner) and another with darker hair. Shame on me, but I keep going back a couple of times a year because they do have quality goods. However, I'd be there much more often if the vibes weren't so toxic. Would it kill them to crack a smile or say something nice? I had to laugh to myself today when I was there. It's a small store, but the woman didn't even acknowledge me when I walked in ... nothing. Then she proceeded to look down at some busy work she was doing at the counter, watching me with her peripheral vision and knowing exactly what items on lingered on. Not a word as I made my way toward the door. I hate shopkeepers that fuss over you too much or keep suggesting items rather than let you look on your own, but this goes so overboard the other way.
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