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Ann Marie Huisentruit

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Saturday, March 23
Clap Along if You Love ASB-Philadelphia 2014! This morning, we here at Team
Philly treated ourselves to a lazy morning breakfast of pancakes and eggs
before venturing into what our friends at Overbrook called “Central City”, or
downtown Philadelphia. This f...

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Tuesday at Overbrook
By Alli Hartley Yesterday, we took a tour of Overbrook High School and
observed the High Step Enrichment program after school, but today was our first
day “in the trenches”—we assisted in classrooms and began running our Project
Based Learning activity in t...

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Day 2 - First Day at Overbrook
             By Mykia Smith       Our first day at Overbrook was a
good day. After all the anticipation we got to put a name to the faces that we
will be serving during our week in Philly. There is a difference between
talking about a population of people a...

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Day 1 – Our introduction to Philadelphia Hi all, this is Brandyn again! This has been quite a
busy first day, and I’m still swept up in all the discussion and insights we’ve
shared in today.  We started out this
morning with a relaxed, low key drive up to t...

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Ann Marie Huisentruit
Who's excited to get this trip started?  If you raised your hand, then I already know we have a lot in common.  Just the thought of getting to work in a school all day and play board games all night is enough to make me want to pack my bags six months early...
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