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Joseph Boyett
Leadership consultant, author, political commentator
Leadership consultant, author, political commentator


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The Republican Tax Cut Bill is Disasterous for Seniors, Students, Families and Children.
The Republican tax cut bill will result in the following
according to a recent Senate Budget Committee Minority Staff report. Eliminates housing assistance for more than 1 million families. Eliminates heating assistance (LIHEAP) for nearly 700,000 seniors o...

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Illogic of the Republican Tax Plan
The Joint Committee on Taxation, the Senate’s official
scorekeeper when it comes to taxes and the deficit, released a report today
estimating that the Republican tax cut plan would add AT LEAST $1 Trillion to
the national debit. See:

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Republicans seek to destroy the Artic National Wildlife Refuge
It is beautiful, vast, and wild.  It is the home to 36 unique fish species, 36
land mammals and a rich array of wildlife, some endangered.  160 bird species from four continents migrate
to this area to breed, rest and feed from April to July each year. It i...

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Can the Senate Refuse to Seat Roy Moore?
If Roy Moore who has been accused of sexual harassment and
child abuse is elected to the U.S. Senate in the Alabama special election, can
the U.S. Senate refuse to seat him or remove him from office once he is seated? The answer is Yes.  Article
I, Section ...

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29% of Alabama voters think being an accused child molesters is a GOOD THING!
The latest Alabama Senate Poll, conducted by JMC Analytics
and conducted between 11/9 and 11/11 has Democratic Party Doug Jones leading
Republican and accused child molester Roy Moore by 4 points, 48% to 44%.

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Hey Doofus, God is NOT in the Constitution
Yes Doofus Donald, as you told the religious hate group today, the authors of the Declaration of Independence reference the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” in the first paragraph of that document; say that “men are endowed by their Creator with certain un...

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The Repubs say they have found the solution for what to do
with people with pre-existing conditions so that healthy people won’t have to
pay higher premiums to cover the cost of insuring the sick.  Just create High Risk Pools in every
state.  Can High Risk ...

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BREAKING NEWS: Latest CBO Scoring of House Health Care Plan-23 million More Uninsured
1. How much will the
new plan lower the deficit over 10-years?  The previous version of the bill had $337 billion over 10
years.  The new version needs to save at
least $2 billion for the Senate to be able to pass the bill under budget reconciliation—i.e.,

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IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE: White House may have engaged in Criminal COVER-UP
McClatchy Washington Bureau reported this afternoon that “ Investigators into Russian meddling in the
U.S. presidential elections are now also probing whether White House officials
have engaged in a cover-up .”  A “Senior
White House Official” is being desc...

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Secret Health Care Reform—Senate Style.
Susan Davis at NPR reports that the U.S. Senate is drafting
healthcare legislation in SECRET. Secret talks are underway toward developing a Senate bill to
repeal and replace Obamacare. The negotiating team consists of Senators hand picked by the
Republican ...
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