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Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)
I’ve actually written down a new goal that I’ve thought
about for a while, and finally decided to tackle.  The only thing we still owe is our mortgage,
which is now at below half of our home value. 
While that’s great news, we are ready to attack the BHAG. ...

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Family Members and Money
  Why is it that we seem to be making some good choices and
getting ahead financially, when along comes a family setback, and we’re reeling
right along with them.  Are you the one
who graduated from college and is doing better than the others, so you are th...

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What Have You Been Missing?
Am I paranoid, or are they really trying to overcharge
me?  In the past six months, we changed
our ISP, entertainment, and phone service, saving us $150 each month.  I have had to call five months in a row because
my bill was wrong – sometimes up to $200 in...

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Five Ways I’ve improved my Life in 2016
    I promised to reveal ways I felt I improved my life in 2016. Here's what I'd like to share: 1.         I have less stuff: William Morris said
“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be
beautiful.”  That is my thought p...

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I remember when I first realized people retire.  First of all, they were REALLY OLD.  Some of them did a lot of travelling, and
many just stayed home and did hobbies or socialized with their friends and
family.  My father retired when he was 55
years old, a...

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Be prepared and make a home purchase a blessing instead of a financial ball and chain.

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A little research can keep hidden
costs from hitting where it hurts most — your wallet! The unexpected costs of buying a home Buying
a home is expensive, but it’s not just the price of the house itself
that you need to plan for...

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3 Smart Expenses You Can Avoid
Looking at your spending plan, it’s fairly easy to
anticipate the regular monthly expenses, and with a bit of planning, the gift
occasions, school activities and annual fees. 
What is frequently not anticipated are the expenses that others try to include
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