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How to Make a Million Bucks - don't be a debt slave, game the system to build real wealth. This series is a step by step guide to real estate development and how you can secure your future, no BS!

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2015 was the year I went from white dude to white devil. It had been brewing for years, yet, that year was the tipping point. It finally became ok to openly identify straight white men as something which needed to be “fixed.” From the Rolling Stone rape hoax, to countless University “crises”, and the general demonization of the white male, I began to realize the Democrats didn’t want me in their party. And worse, I was now the target of their hate.

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Rape. Illegal immigration. Government failure.

The recent tragedy in Rockville Maryland has it all.

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Would you believe women learn more, earn more, have more wealth and better health than men?

Discover the State of Women in 2017! 

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Three vignettes on hope, trust, and betrayal. Creative non-fiction.

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Is there anything left to say about sex? Transitions in the world, transformations in politics, and evolution in my writing - how writing about relationships lead me to the biggest questions of the day: Why America Went from Democrat to Deplorable?

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Success brings its own set of problems. Tucker Carlson has been fired five times, largely because of his sense of entitlement. Yet he has returned to the top. What can we learn from his redemption?

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