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Cash Flow Solutions inc.
Making Payments More Profitable!
Making Payments More Profitable!

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As co-owner of Cash Flow Solutions, I have been invited by a local organization to discuss our expectations for newly hired, entry-level employees. My experience as a company leader dictates there are basic behaviors that contribute to a successful office culture and to a thriving company.

The way a company communicates can be its greatest asset or greatest liability. Effective communication is not easy because people have to engage with both their minds and their energy; not an easy combination. Paying close attention when a person is talking takes a quiet and receptive mind. Progress breaks down when one or both of the minds are defensive, overloaded, conflicted, or distracted.

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Unified Grocers, the largest retailer-owned wholesaler in the western United States, has endorsed BounceBack Check recovery to its 3000+ independent grocers. Welcome Unified Grocers’ members!
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