Readers, it has been an absolutely wonderful weekend. Myself and my wife Julie have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were treated to an absolutely astonishing performance of Pyramus and Thisbe, which was then followed by the royal wedding. Hippolyta looked absolutely stunning, and her sister Antiope will no doubt soon be enjoying similar perks as one Pippa Middleton! I heard one young gentleman state that the moonlight really suited her. The revelry continued well into the early hours and Julie's feet were sore from all the dancing! I'm also pleased to say that amends were restored and the younger generation acted with grace and dignity, having sorted out any earlier quarrels. Hermia happily came to her senses after a stern talking to from her father, and her and Demetrius are happier than ever. Young Helena looked like the cat who'd got the proverbial, with a dashing Lysander on her arm. Whatever was happening with him and Hermia has been absolutely quashed and they didn't so much as glance at each other throughout the ceremony, I'm relieved to say. There was certainly no  place for drama.  / I'll sign off now readers, it's very late (early!) and I've promised July I'll see to the muffins when she awakes.  / Adieu!  / Peter Bundle.  #dream40
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