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blaise hebert
I'm Blaise Efin' Hébert. Or that's what others call me ;)
I'm Blaise Efin' Hébert. Or that's what others call me ;)

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Anyone know of a good podcast that introduces how players get to play the narrative in a PBTA game? like Apocalypse world.

Hey, I'm looking for super hero systems that aren't Masks. Any recomendations?

Hi, I wanted to thank you all for the hard work that you put into this podcast. It’s been a revelation.

My name is Blaise, and I’m a polygaming facilitator who strives at creating exciting collaborative storytelling sessions for friends. (I'm always the designated DM for my groups). Like most of you, I fell into the rabbit hole of story (indie) games a few years ago, and navigating that transition hasn't been the easiest for my gaming groups.

I’m always researching for help to craft my practice but I haven't been able to find much in terms of relatable experiences via blogs or communities. That's until I discovered your podcast by accident while looking for another gaming blog one rainy day last month. After listening only one episode, I was hooked. I’ve listened to over 40 past episodes in the last four week.

Some of the valuable lessons that I've managed to include in my recent games, has been to rethink combat in terms designing hard choices for the players, a better understanding of how & when to use clocks, but most importantly, to always ask the question; “what is really going on?” when preparing my sessions. (It makes for crafting much tighter mysteries)

I’ve never been an active listener on a podcast until now, but you’ve convinced me to stick around. Keep up the great work, and know that your advice is being used.

I'm about to run my first one shot of Blades this evening, and there's one little detail that I can't find in the early access book: How does potency work?
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