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Colin Hackett
A fat triathlete on a mission to get to Kona.
A fat triathlete on a mission to get to Kona.

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Mr. Hackett Goes to Washington
November 22, 2016 I know some of you may be visiting Colin's blog.  He passed away on Sunday November 20, 2016 while I held his hand.  He left behind many things, some of which are unpublished writing.  I'm going to put them all out eventually.  I'm not sur...

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Kim's Year in Review
Wow.  A year already.   One year ago today we found out Colin had cancer.  My chest still gets tight thinking about it.     I still remember my last moment of innocence.  Colin was leaving for the hospital (for the second time) with his stomachache and I di...

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Reluctantly Addicted to You
For about the last 6 weeks I've been on a constant dose of Dilaudid or hydromorphone. My gall bladder is unusually large and was causing extreme abdominal pain, to the point that I would lay in the back yard at 2 in the morning because the cool grass felt a...

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That First CT
The hardest part of this entire thing is all the waiting. I dutifully take my chemotherapy every second Tuesday but I never really know if it's working. I just have to trust that the science is good and that I respond properly. On March 30th I made my regul...

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Living with a Colostomy - There's Better Options!
question the hardest part of this entire journey has been my colostomy.
It requires constant maintenance and I’m almost always concerned about
some aspect of it. Is it sealed? Is it showing? Do I have extra
supplies? This problem is compounded a...

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Spreading the Word
Now that my new reality is setting in I'm excited to enter into the
next adventure. Being out of the classroom means that I have time to
devote to spreading the word about cancer screening and prevention. I
am writing this blog as more of an advertisemen...

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Every Time a Door Closes a New One Opens
This has been a tough week for me. I thought I would be returning to
work with the exception of every 2nd Monday and Tuesday. In my heart of
hearts I didn't think this plan would get rejected but I was shocked to
find out this morning that my school and ...

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That's Chemo?
So I've successfully completed two round of chemotherapy and I'm happy to report it's not that bad. As I'd mentioned before, I go in every second Monday for lab work. They check my blood and urine to make sure my levels are safe for me to get chemo the next...

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Waiting and staying positive
Without a doubt the hardest part of this entire thing is the waiting. That and the internet. And the more time you have to wait, the more time there is to search the internet. One of the first tweets I sent out after I found out I had cancer was, "Great, no...

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Ok guys grab a knee. Let's talk health.
I didn't really realize what I'd been training so hard for all of these years. Somehow I'd convinced myself that Ironman was going to be the be all and end all test of my health and conditioning. That all changed last Wednesday when I was registered in the ...
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