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This is a picture of the genuine Steve Jobs autograph.

It is written on a Japanese "shikishi" which is a square card originally for writing poems or pictures. He wrote it for a sushi restaurant in Kyoto when he visited Japan with his family in July 2010.

Actually, the Kyoto visit and the sushi restaurant is briefly mentioned in the Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. The line can be read as "They also found a tiny neighborhood sushi restaurant, and Jobs tagged it on his iPhone as 'best sushi I’ve ever had.' Erin agreed." The name of the restaurant was not revealed on the book, however. Now it turned out to be "Sushi-Iwa (" from an episode follows.

I play a role of an surveyor and commentator in a Japanese
TV show called "Kaiun Nandemo Kanteidan", from time to time. It's something like a treasure hunting show where people called "client" appears with their treasures. Then the surveyor evaluates the price of the treasure and explains the reason why and how it values or not. About five years ago, I appraised Apple I, and last year I did it for Toshiba's rare 12-bits computer, and this time, just on-aired a few weeks ago, it was an autograph of Steve Jobs.

The autograph was dedicated to a daughter of the sushi master. "Yukako" is her name. She is about the same age as Jobs daughter with him at the time, I guess. In the autograph, Jobs wrote a short message which can be read as "All good things." I think there are at least three meanings in this sentence. The first meaning I believe is something like "May all good things happen to you." This is a surface meaning pointed at her. The second one might be like "You serve all good things." and it is probably pointed to the sushi master, because it seems Jobs liked his sushi very much.

And I know there're some words usually following this sentence. "All good things must come to an end." Although he didn't write the latter part, it seems to be his inner voice pointed to himself. He might have some kind of preparation at the time already, I believe.

What do you think?
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