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Sign the petition to get a memorial statue of Hitch erected in London:
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Thank you Sam and thank you Christopher. Miss ya bud!
I hope the statue will be holding a whiskey glass :p
What a fantastic initiative! And well deserved.
He's sorely missed even by us that never knew him, other then trough his books and many talks. It must a terrible loss for people like you Harris that knew him on a personal level. When that statue gets erected I'm going on my first trip to London.
Hitch was a great man. Signed.
+Michael James Prove it.
Oops, you lose. As always.
No doubt you feel great spite for the man, but Hitch would have found your threats pitiful and amusing, as do I. You are a very sad creature, and if your heaven is filled with people like yourself, then I'll take hell any day.
i repeat who cares about someones religon we don't know who is right [atheists do have an argument] we will find out when we die until then can't we all just get along ps i am not an athiest
again who cares
i am starting to think no1 is listening to me
+avery baker That's correct, atheists do have an argument. Theists have delusion. I think it's very important what one believes to be true. So no, we all just can't get along. Just as I don't get along with mentally ill people. There are special places for them.
i am just sick of the holy wars on g+ i agree with every1 but michael james do we really half to fight about what we think will happen when we die why can't we live life in the present and cross that bridge when we get there
wait a second the catholics bang on athiests don't sink to thier level trust me man i been there
i was a catholic then athiest then pastafairian now my own surfer dude religon
+avery baker What compelling arguments. Your exceptionally poor grammar makes them almost coherent.
Just kidding.
+avery baker That's the point. If his book is right then, no, we cannot just live our lives and see what happens. From his perspective he is doing us a favor by trying to save us. That is why you will not see the "holy wars" just go away. People need to be cured of their mental ailments. 
+avery baker You obviously care very little about anything beyond the scope of your own existence. 
+avery baker Seems that "I don't care" is your position on a lot of things. That's certainly your option, but the rest of us DO care, and for good reasons already explained. Apathy is useless - take it elsewhere.
+Sam Harris , would this be something Hitch would find appalling? Or is it less for him and more for all the people who read his work.
+Michael James I engage with theists who are interested in legitimate discussion all the time. You sir, are trolling. It is well displayed in your tone among other things. If you want a discussion with someone, I suggest you stop the drive by proselytizing and start discussing. 
^^^ See example of trolling. 
Always very funny when atheism is called a "cult" - intended as an insult by comparing it to some form of religion, so he must not have very high opinions about religion! And yet this is supposed to be a point in his favor? Logic fail.
+Jared DeMarzo

You need to get a clue about the difference between a cult (control) and religion ... Oh well you must have not past that test yet are your local chapter of cult-ish atheism.
+Michael James I suppose you consider your lengthy description of Hitchens burning in hell as an "Intelligent, rational, logical, positive and effective response." Well, whether you meet the effective definition of a troll or not, based on this one example alone you are certainly an all-around lost cause and waste of valuable time and energy, so you are no better than one. Do not expect to be taken seriously if you have done your level best to not warrant it, however unintentionally.
Hitch was an iconoclast, and was more interested in tearing down statues than putting them up. And he would have found a lot of the comments in this thread revolting - not so much for the predictable preaching, but for the complete lack of literacy.
+Michael James Each post you make demonstrates your ignorance about what atheism is and is not. Have you even watched Hitchens debate theists.. or anyone else for that matter? How do you keep your faith when all you have are fairy tales? Do you pray to the invisible sky daddy to smite atheists when you go to bed at night? Where is your "special place" Michael? Do they allow computers in the asylum these days? So many questions... maybe I can pray for answers?

Oh and you are correct. I have zero tolerance for your special type of delusion.
Yeah, see now he's just spamming shit over and over. Even most trolls are more sophisticated and subtle than that.
+Michael James You don't deserve to be called a troll. It's an insult to trolls.
+Heather Payne

I think a statue would be great but just have flames all around it to be realist to his current situation.
+Paula Beebe You see that as well ... so many of my friends tell me that but when I look in the mirror I just see me ... who knew ... God bless you sweetheart
+Jeremy Steele Why not have some speakers around the statue with the some screams of hell coming out from them as well ... that would be so cool and it would make people think as well, which was what hitch was all about... I like where your head is at Jeremy ... great minds ehhhh
It is really late ... time for beddy bies for little Mick ... It has been fun ... lets do this again some time
a statue of Hitch? ridiculous.
Don't fuss, Mick. Someday we'll make a statue of you too, to commemorate the brave way in which you mindlessly passed on--in consort with a billion other people on the planet--2000-year-old ideas written down by Bronze Age misogynists. Heroic!
+Joshua Fisher On uncertain ground with the term misogynist. Is there any evidence of Hitchens using similar rhetoric to criticise men for their political beliefs to that he used against the Dixie Chicks?
+Dexter Stern You're right. Since Hitch once said something bordering on misogynistic, my entire point is obliterated.
From what I read about Hitchens I think he would prefer a statue in the US. He was a proud to be an american citizen. On the other hand, a public statue of Hitchens in the US seems nearly impossible.
I've said the same thing as Leonardo - Hitchens was quite enamored with the US, I'd say to a fault. As such, I think he would appreciate a statue here, ideally near DC, where he most recently lived. But I also concur in that such a thing would be extremely unlikely.

I just hope the statue is holding a whiskey glass :p
+Dexter Stern

Well, then, shut up. Thanks.
I was reading Michael James full profile because I wasn't sure if he is a professional troll or just retarded, the 2nd seems to be the case.
AHHHH thanks +Henrik Wichert that's so sweet ... but is that all your little atheist brain could come up with ... ' a retard' ... wow ... time for you to go back to your special class now ok ...
I hope the statue includes an open hand facing east... to hitchslap Mecca, of course.
Hitch was my hero, if I had heroes; as he himself would have wanted it.
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