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The seven countries where the state can execute you for being atheist:
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Wow. What a coincidence: This list contains seven of the countries in my list of "Top 10 Countries to Avoid."

What are the chances? ;)
So, quite literally, you're required to be religious to remain alive.  What a world we live in...
Laos is highlighted on the map as "atheists have reduced rights". It is a socialist republic. Since when did socialist republics promote religion?
But are you really an atheist if you believe in something?
Would a person of another religion, (not islam) be subject to threat of death. Or is belief in any of sky fairies acceptable? What backward nut job countries these places really are, 
If I believe in myself, am I safe?
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.  Would those beliefs get me into these countries... or just R. Kelley concerts?
+Daniel Hodson "These places" are not that far away geographically. Britain had blasphemy rules until very recently:

I distinctly remember seeing that religion was mandatory in some other European countries until the mid 20th century. I'm afraid I cannot find a source for that, however. 

Your point of "another religion" is an interesting one. As far as I remember, the rule is often that one has to be part of one of a limited set of religions. In other words, you can register as for example a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist, but not as a Hindou, if that is not part of the "acceptable" religions in a particular country.
<Eddie Izzard> Cake or death? </Eddie Izzard>
I would like to point out Iraq isnt on that list so it seems there is a measurable plus side to the war. 
+Jeremy Spradlin What plus side are you talking about? It would surprise me if Saddam Hussein's socialist Ba'ath party had any strong laws against atheism.

When it comes to religious freedom, I have not seen much but problems coming from the war.

Consider for example the situation for the Christian minority. Some sources talk about a decrease in the Christian population from 1.2 million to 600 000 due to persecution after the war. The situation in general seems bleak.

Being an atheist is admittedly different from being a Christian, but it would surprise me if the current Iraqi society was more tolerant towards atheists than towards Christians.
+Magnus Lewan there's nothing in socialist republic that says either religious tolerance or atheist to me.  Iff the government is ideologically based on Marx and Lenin and the rest of those idealists then it would include their brand of atheism, but only if it was based on that.
+Doughal Payne Not speaking for or against socialism or for or against atheism, there is nevertheless a strong correlation between the two.

Socialist countries have often been very intolerant of religion (not of atheism), and atheism has been enforced at extreme levels with violent methods (like in Albania) or to some extent (like in the Soviet Union).

The Ba'ath socialist parties have not oppressed religion, as far as I know, but they have nevertheless been mainly secular organisations.

It would be interesting if anyone could find a well documented case of a socialist state that actively promoted a particular religion and oppressed atheism. (The map in the linked article hints that Laos might be an example, but in the absence of further details I would guess that it is a typo.)
Seriously folks.... Why can't we bomb them? When you're the best BAMFs of the world you do what you want. Less public outcry the next time we take it to a desert nation, thanks all. 
Do atheists believe in majority rule?
I'd like to see a map of countries where being an atheist significantly reduces your chance of holding public office.
That would show the places where religious freedom is more than just words.

Buy you're atheist friends a vacation in Saudi Arabia. Don't forget to pack them a "there is no God" t-shirt. 
+David Greifzu "Buy you're atheist friends a vacation in Saudi Arabia." Oh, sweet irony, you are the entertaining friend that sustains me when I am confronted by idiocy.
Seriously folks.... Why can't we bomb them? When you're the best BAMFs of the world you do what you want. Less public outcry the next time we take it to a desert nation, thanks all. 
Seriously +JP Loinsigh you can't see the irony in "you don't think how I do, so suck some bombs" in a post about executing atheists?
+Bud Iafrate Nope, I get it. They're just some countries we consistently have issues with. My point is that ultimately we could have them praying to a Lite Brite, wearing tie dye, and proclaiming that the only true way to embrace eternity is covered in peanut butter while thigh deep in tofu. With a golden statue of Stanley The Honey Badger sitting on the alter.

It's not about them thinking like us. It's about them thinking.

And I like watching bombs drop in news media outlets. 
I didn't say we HAD to leave survivors. It would be nice but doesn't have to happen ;-) 
Ahh apologies...I missed the sarcasm =)

Well played sir!
You are wrong no body touch u even in libya if u do not touch islam

No real surprises in that list but then again there are parts of the US where it could be dangerous to say you are an atheist!

When the US has an atheist president we'll know it has real freedom from religion!
Since there are 5 states in the US where atheists can not hold public office, the map should probably mark the US as country where "atheist have reduced rights under law".
+Stephen Chaffer That is actually NOT true. Christians have more rights under Islamic law than atheists. You may need to inform yourself with fact before stating gut feelings.
And the countries where you could get executed for being theist: USSR (now defunct), China, Communististan
+John Lathouwers Actually it's 7 states.

Arkansas, Article 19, Section 1:
No person who denies the being of a God shall hold any office in the civil departments of this State, nor be competent to testify as a witness in any Court.

Maryland, Article 37:
That no religious test ought ever to be required as a qualification for any office of profit or trust in this State, other than a declaration of belief in the existence of God; nor shall the Legislature prescribe any other oath of office than the oath prescribed by this Constitution.

Mississippi, Article 14, Section 265:
No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in this state.

North Carolina, Article 6, Section 8
The following persons shall be disqualified for office: Any person who shall deny the being of Almighty God.

South Carolina, Article 17, Section 4:
No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office under this Constitution.

Tennessee, Article 9, Section 2:
No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this state.

Texas, Article 1, Section 4:
No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.

However in theory you could get around this by acknowledging the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
If one does not interfere with public life, one can live in most of these countries just fine. That said, it's obviously a grave freedom of religion/freedom of speech issue.

+Debashish Samaddar  The soviet union killed some religious leaders but not normal people. China does allow attendance of controlled religious institutions, but does indeed imprison unsanctioned churches. 
now I won't be mad at my government (Philippines)
for not passing the Reproductive Health Bill
there are much worst countries than mine :P
Looks like an excellent target for a carpet bombing run...
hmmm the same countries where if you're gay, the punishment is life in prison or execution.
That's good so you better believe.
Thanks for re-posting this. Good thing there's no down vote here on G+
what that does make sense
Just a bunch of places i never wanted to go. Their loss, not mine. 
i know, you would want to go to Paris of France or Germany something like that
Let me guess, they are Islamic states...
no the the cities in the world dummy
Being a gay means that u are not accepting the form that's the god made i think gays are psychotic peopole must be treated
Lucky for me I'm a devout Pastafarian.
+mohamed ben hmeda Medical science disagrees with you. Homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1974.
How would they find out? this is really terrible! You can't be punished on beliefs especially if those beliefs effect no one but yourself.
I think its not only atheists. Its anyone that doesn't believe in the Islam religion. "Death to the infidels" and all that rubbish.
Samu EL
What Roman Catholic or Islamic rule is that? 
@ Phil n Hmeda its not tym to abuse each oda bt to ruminate over the ills in the world in this perilous times
The Spanish Inquisition was not really that long ago,
+David Bromage I believe in a supreme being. I am supreme inside my own head, if nowhere else.

As friend of mine who claimed there were multiple voices in his head used to say "It's OK. I'm the only one who gets to drive!" ;)

For what it's worth, I also believe in supreme pizzas! :)
What exactly is the prerequisite to being a atheist.Non belief in anything.
JD Lane, of course they are Muslim. Islam will execute anyone who strays from the faith.
But Islam is the most violent and active in the area of thinking pal.
I believe everyone believes in something or someone or somewhere which makes none of us an atheist. It just doesn't fit in the norm for others who have bigger egos and smaller brains. 
Wow. Just validates my hatred for religion. If lucifer did exist, it's reasons like this that I agree with him in his hatred towards mankind. I don't blame him for rebelling.
Indonesia is a muslim country not etheist pl
Middle east predominantly muslim dont be misconceived
The number should be zero! No one has the right to tell me what to believe in. 
Thank God I live in America. I don't know who you thank if you are an Atheist. :-) 
If we don't put a Ceasar in charge, we wind up with a theocracy.
Soon will be John, unless the people go to civil war to stop it.
That is just what I would expect a Muslim to say.
+Stephen M. Cook so you believe in nothing at all, we get it. You are the ultimate atheist, anyone who needs info on how to be atheist see him. Jeez arrogant much? Why is it ok for you to have a stereotype about millions of people again? 
There's several on Google+ who are very vitriolic about religion that should be careful about winning any free international travel. It's obvious some folks don't take a likin' to atheist cults :) 
So what's new or surprising about humans killing each other over religious beliefs. History is littered with such occurrences. Ask the native American Indians or further back to the crusades. All in the name of divinity! Ha, talk about hypocrisy!!
Atheist are against Science and the Bible. Both say we came from one common source. They say we came frrrom za black hole.... bwahahaha
For all those ranting about Religion (with capital R), India is a very orthodox religious country. Religion (Hinduism) permeates almost every aspect of life. But India is not on that list. In fact there are sects of Hinduism that are atheistic. Perhaps you all should concentrate on specific religions (with small r) and see what's wrong with them instead of going off on Religion as a whole.
At least a balance place to be.
There are screwed up people everywhere. China's muslim population is a third of what it used to be through some mass wipeout of villages and forcing people to perform acts against their beliefs. Unfortunately believing in God or not doesn't stop people from being intolerant and bigoted. Few people truly believe in God, most believe in wealth or power. 
+Amza H - you make no sense. Hypocrisy? In what way.

I await your rational reply, dipshit. And I got a feeling you're gonna keep me waiting a long time. 
+Stephen M. Cook just as not all religions are anti-science, not all atheism is science and rational thought. Science is a process (or a method if you like) not a product (like physics, chemistry, biology etc.) Specific disciplines are the product of the process that is science. Now this process has been applied nicely to the world we see, yielding some models of the universe as we see it. However, one of the problems with the process, I think (and I am hardly the first one) is that it does not apply to itself. It is not self-referential and fails miserably at recursion. It cannot examine itself. Now there are atheists who recognize this fact. But there are just as many recalcitrant atheists who not only do not recognize this on their own but even fail to understand it when it is explained to them. To them "science", instead of being "question everything", has become "question everything but not science itself". That is not good science.
the end matters and we have the freedom to choose whom we believe. Thats why He is God.
Kill people who don't believe in your religion.... yeah, and people can keep saying Islam is peaceful. My ass!
+Stephen M. Cook Hinduism in India has always been a cultural phenomenon. It is not a recent development. Religion (for lack of a better word) and culture are inseparable in India (specifically for Hinduism). They are intertwined today as they were millennia ago. But your point is valid nevertheless.
Perhaps it is hard to put it in words because there is no word like "religion" in the traditional language of Hinduism. The word that two Hindus would use in place of "religion" when talking amongst themselves is "dharma" which rightly translated would be "principle".
Thoes considering as Muslim countries so what a atheist do there? 
I think with an exception to Iran, people that lived there told me that they are civilised but they suffer because of their stupid islamic government.
Thank god for the media, keeps us informed about just the right things that we need to know.
+Kenneth Smith who do I thank as an athiest? My mum and dad, for educating me to think, to form opinions based on evidence, rather than blindly believing an imaginary friend in the sky is concerned with my day to day actions. There's also many other times I'm thankful on a daily basis, but for me it's directed towards actual people. 
I am thankful I am not in those nation...not even for travel... 
Can't you just lie when you register? Or do they have like a Religion Enforcement Bureau?
To my surprise the so called educated are still ignorance about others why because you dont read enough on others unlike others who read a lot about you all
I still can't believe how ridiculous that is. The world we live in, on. You have to have a religion to stay alive. And there are many more atheists than we know.
Yes there are, but has anyone noticed that all those athiest seem to be Jew haters. I am a Gnostic with the Agnostic belief that God can not be proven or diproved. And I don't hate Jews, but I do not like Islam.
Thanks for the heads up. I guess I won't be visiting Egypt anytime soon. :D Then again, you can easily say you believe in spirit of the flying alligator. :)
And I presume Obama plans to build embassies down there.
Not true!
i live there. not because you are one you get excuted, if you dlrevert from theirain religion then the religion states that he get excuted but they dont apply it any more, maybe the KSA only.
Eli S.
Wow, we are surrounded . Israel
Here in Pakistan i have seen many atheist but they can not speak out, they don't have any freedom to talk about what they think.
Funny how they are all peacful Arab states.
Rafek Ali, yes there is, wow...welcome to earth.
Yep, these countries are based on religion.

The same thing will happen if you were a Communist in a Democratic county. Ever heard of McCarthyism?
Other than Maldives, probably, I'll never goto any one of them. Well, even I want to visit Maldives, it may be too late cos, it won't be existing for too long.
Alright i've big question for all critics here.. can you so called 1st world countries people talk or write about Holocaust ? 
How come they are not killing every newborn?

I personally don't have any desire to deal with such places it's like dealing with racist people 
wow this article is curated and misleading there is no law against atheism in any of those countries mentioned its funny how google curates every post thats anti-muslim... Guys i am launching a startup to remove this curation. Who is with me ?
This post has weird comments.... People want to to carpet bomb whole country that had children, women elders because they are angry over the law that can execute a single sole.
And for all the people I can at least say you can visit major cities of Pakistan if you are Christian, budhiest, hindu. Without any issues. But the actual topic is true. You should avoid if your eithest and wants to brag about it.
People forget evolution is  ongoing, nations evolve at different rates, we in England were just as barbaric and backward as these places mentioned 500 hundred years ago, so with a bit of luck in another 500 hundred years or so they might have caught up.
Lolzz there is no such law in Pakistan so please remove it from list or provide me proof please !!!!
Are these the same countries still living in and trying to get everyone else to turn the clocks back to the 5th century? 
Just wait until u colse ur eyes and u will see the reality. Dont live blindly. U still have time. Make some time and study religion. Give it a try. Study the holy books. And you shall find the right path.

sorry pal, I don't believe in ghosts, mythical beings, Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny either.
Well this is not true I live in Egypt and there is no law against atheism do not believe everything u read on the Internet, and by the way we are not uncivilized people and we do believe in the freedom of beliefs, and also Islam does not fight freedom of speech or beliefs , it actually says in the Quran "you have your religion and I have mine" this is roughly translated meaning that no one should interfere with the beliefs if others. Just because I am Arabic or Muslim , doesn't mean I am a terrorist; we are normal people with normal lives, your media just show u the crazy people.
And something else, for the people who believed this post and say nuke them
Or bomb them or any of that crap, real nice and not racist at all if u want anyone to respect ur beliefs u must first respect theirs otherwise u r complaining against the very thing u r doing to others.
+Stephen Chaffer no large mosques were damaged in the revolution, and I despise that insinuation that Egypt is fighting Christians or atheists or whatever, someof my best friends are Christians and a large portion of the Egyptian population is Christian, meaning we as Egyptian people despise discrimination based on religion or color, your media shows u only the crazy fucked up people, all I am saying if when I was in the us and got mugged u would say i should not classify all Americans as muggers.
Fanatism is when something you believe in becomes so strong in your mind that obscures and even vanishes logical thinking. 
Whether we believe in religion or not, no matter which one, what most of us have a problem with is the blind belief that it's your religion or nothing. It;s those radicals that are going to make life a living hell for all of us, you included. We have our own brand of crazies over here. We call them cults. A collection of control freaks, extorting money and a sense of power from their followers, and the followers too stupid to realize it.  What I don't understand is, how they can be programmed into believing everything they are told. It has always been my firm belief that religions were a form of control over the masses. If you don't follow the rules, god will get ya. 
+Ahmed Madi you're out of your mind. You think of Egypt as a moderate country? Does a "moderate" country sentence people to death for making a movie?

Yet Egypt sentenced the 8 film makers to death that made the short movie on YouTube about islam. It's insane that you believe the outright lies and then try to convince others of the same. Then again the article above isn't accusing Egypt of being one of the seven most sane countries.

Get a clue.

+JP Loinsigh  thanks for the insight given to me, first of all i am an egyptian i live in egypt and what you are saying is just imaginary and that movie was offencive to the prophet of islam, and i think those movie makers do not live in egypt and no one would execute anyone for any kind of press, that is one of the things we made the egyptian revolution to support the libirties please do not talk without knoledge.

all i am saying man u get a clue.
+Stephen Chaffer You're not addressing my post at all, but going off on a totally unrelated tangent. You insinuated that christians would be persecuted more than atheists in the Islamic countries mentioned and I contradicted you. That's all.
+Ahmed Madi thank you for proving my point. You're as dumb as they come. You speak of knowing. Here is my source, what's yours to refute it?

Act like anyone gives a shit that it offended your "prophet".
That's the point. You're "moderate" nation full of savages right there, so what were you saying again?

The very thing you spoke out against claiming that Egypt was a balanced nation of clear minded individuals, and you then assert that it's okay because it was "offencive to the prophet of islam". It happened, for what ever purpose even if it's symbolic. Savages.

Stop posting, you've proven yourself to lack the intelligence to carry on a meaningful conversation.

Get a clue.
+JP Loinsigh first of all nice language from a  civilized person, i didn't say it was ok because it offended the prophet of islam, i said "if u actually read my post" that no one would approve punishing someone for any kind of publication andi don't approve of the movie but i am against punishing those people, and what your source didn't tell you that the verdict in that matter was delayed untill 29 jan 2013, u have the freedom to say whatever you want about whomever you want, we don't deny anyone that, u say egypt is a country of savages, to that i say thank you, in comparison i do not say US is a country where they go around killing their children in schools, i do not say it is a country full of rapists and serial killers, because i know there are always these psychopaths in any kind of community, when u say egypt is a country full of savages is like when i say france is country of drunks, or italy is a country full of mafia, or africa is a continent of slaves, u r just repeating some mindless stereotypes, do i say the us is a country full  backward hicks, again all your media shows is u is the crazy psychopaths, because the regular people are boring and they don't get ratings.

and p.s. i didn't attack u personally or mock your spelling to prove my point, unlike u; and u say i am dumb and savage.
+Ahmed Madi delaying the verdict makes it okay, thanks for adding logic to this. So the executions called for by your judicial branch are okay because as you've put it: 1.) "Offencive" to islam, 2.) The conviction by your judges isn't enough, you need the full verdict to read through so you can better understand the decision that executions are called for the people that spoke out against islam.

You did attack me personally, so congratulations on following the posts and your ability to keep simple thoughts in line. Inability to track and contribute to a discussion is exactly what makes this conversation great, you're right.

That's the government you're "boring" Egyptians fought in the streets to install. If we showed the actions of every savage in that part of the world we would run out of media air time. I point out that the government you fought to install thought that executions for speaking out against islam was a moderate idea. We have gangs with kids, you have extremist religion fanatics who recruit kids. We have rapists, you have rape victims sentenced for being raped.

Your people fought to have the Brotherhood installed. You'll reap what you've sown.

Again, you failed at pointing out anything new or applying rational thinking. Just stop posting already. You're argument that because it was against islam and that because other countries have violence it is okay that 8 people received convictions calling for execution because they said prophet Mo, and by proxy, his imaginary friend allah are frauds proves the point sufficiently.

Thanks for playing, consolation prizes are at the door and don't forget to grab some green eggs and ham on the way out.
+JP Loinsigh you must be really thick not to understand i do not approve of this judgement or verdict; and as for me saying that the verdict was delayed, doesn't say that i prove or most of the public does, and as for me saying that it was "offencive" to the prophet not the islam in general i was correcting your information; I DONT APRROVE OF THE COVICTION  " and btw thumbs up on noticing that i typed offensive wrong, you must be really smart". you must get your facts straight, this governoment that you say we fought to bring to power we are fighting everyday, i myself have been injured twice in protest against them, and the public opinion is that they won the election by making a deal with SCAF, there have been bloody protesy againts this government for four months now out of five that they have been in power. u are as bigoted as they come, u are not able to open your mind just a little bit to accept truths that is beyond your range of beliefs, while i "the savage as u say" accept u and ur beliefs, and say that u r free to believe in whatever u want, and i condradict anyone who would deny u or me that right, aslo these fanatics called the brotherhood say that they are muslim and what they are doing what they are doing in the name of islam, when islam could not be more different, they just use the islam to get the votes of simple uneducated folk, i just though u should undersand that, 

stupidity, bigotry, violence,.....etc. have no religion or country as you have very aptly proved. and please do not direct ur posts at me again u have proven yourself to be a waste of my time. 
Atheism is just stupid thing to say . For example if an arheist saw a car on the moon he would not think that some one build it but he or she would ignorantly say it was build by chance and mutation ....what the hack is this mentality. That is never a science that is just a stupid way to answer a mental chalenging question 
But it's a much better answer than saying "Hey, that shit must be made by Allah(or any other deity)"
the way you talk is what make people think less of the rest of us, the proper way to convince others with your opinion is not by moking their opinions, it is by respecting them..........this is not a political statement it is just common sense
Being irreligious is not only that of atheists. There is even that accusation of being an atheist when one claims that they are not. In that is given excuse to kill them under law from politic or religion. Sad really that the world still has these hang ups.
I still would not want only women to have power. Balance is needed, but there are those that just can't help but enjoy BDSM in all the ways nature allows with social creatures. At least it seems so in such social pecking orders.
I think many women think on their own like men do. They think it is the better way of tradition and they feel rewarded from such ways. One size does not fit all, but many feel tradition should continue out of fear and distrust from the opposing team. The fear is often territorial dispute mentally or physically. Fight, flight, and the paranoid from not only what others teach but also what they teach themselves.
Even if humans have no free will in what they know from education, and then later learn other things opposed to such ways that does not mean they would reject what rewards them from birth. There are so many stereotypes that people rely and trust more than what is the actual truth in things. Emotions of altruism seem to rule us more often than not.
In other words many think they are doing the right thing but are just doing the most socially comfortable thing instead.
Believing humans are ignorant is the ultimate worse thing a religion
can do to humans.
Believing Zeus & Allah(Or any deity) are different is inner conflict
between two different hallucinations.
Only fucked kill others for not believing in what they believe.
People do have a hard time facing fears and what psychologically is uncomfortable truths. Confidence is not always easy to keep for some and so they seek for motivation. Reward and punishments of sorts through something altruistic is often common in such ways of motivation. Though people rather go with the immediate feel good reward more likely. Just part of human nature perhaps.
This idea that there maybe no magical 'being' of control over us gives fear about 'loss of control' for some out there. So atheists are the least trusted minority, and so often have little if any political gain for trust in eyes of those that fear words of irreligious.
“We spend the first year of a child's life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There's something wrong there.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson
+joseph Basford Not when it comes to truth. Truth is not a democracy. The earth was round even when everyone thought is was flat. Time is relative even if most don't understand why. Mayority rule is not applicable to this and many other things.
Truth is  true whether you believe in it or not. 
Hey Eric so do you believe in god who other people had made . How could be a god if he was made by a human
Speaking of god. GOD SHOULD BE PRESENT before you and me , have the ultimate power and knowlege because he made us and this whole universe unless you are thinking you have developped from bacteria and some unrealistic thoughts that you are trying to fill the gap in yr brain. God should have the ultimate mercy and forgiveness and guidance . For those and much more only Allah IS the one i believe in . Only Allah would fill any heart . Allah send massengers over the life time of earth and those messangers where supplied with the clear ultimate evidences and meracles for people to believe in and those who do not believe either they are close minded to the clear evidences or grandios feeling that they would not worship the one who made them ask them to do so. As you said you go for god whom maid by people you may know that is rediculous thinking mean it is not a god it is just a statue...
The evidences mensioned in the bible and new testement although it has been manupulated and changed by the Jewish to go with their early bussiness and what they want still has some evidences but the ultimate is quran as it is never has been changed and its evidences are proved by the science every day .
For The other point you mensioned ., Islam has givin the woman the huge rights and you can review that in Islamic books and mensioned clearly in quran and sunna .
If you are seeker for the trueth you would search and look for the evidences other wise you just wast my time 
Written works like books are made by people not deities. At least in todays world is known they are.
What is the earliest religion known before Torah, Koran, and Bible any how? Just curious.
+Abdullah S. A. Al-nuaimi It is strange you don't seem to even recognize that your entire text is a collection of statements that are only true to you because of you believe them, but nothing in there is verifiable. Humans did not create "god", they created the idea of god and all the statement you just wrote down are a product of that human creation.
Hey Jen . It is mensioned in quran that before those were the ZABOOR which was carried by the prophet DAOOD (David) ((peace be on him))

As you said books can be changed and for sources you need to get from something verified quran is ultimate source and are the words of Allah it so much different from the translation . As those translations some of it carry the meanings explained by the prophet mohammad but others explained by the religion scientist which might have more than one point of view and still some are discovered now. So if you read it in English you are reading the translation not the exact words of the god because it is full of numerical encryptions (like atomic number of iron and verse and SORA NO. And so much more) and effect on people that is not present in the translation but still the translations have gross meanings. For us we use the verified sunna and quran as sources .

To john lathouwers ., i do not know which part you object to reply to you. But i am not Muslim bec my parents are but because at age 23 i decided to prove it is the other way but i could not beat it that is why i believe in it . It is just a way of challenging things around me which touch my life deeply.

Ah, but in translation in language and linguistics words do change. There is that of how humans write books. Why not a deity write all to clearly be understood by all languages with out the help of humans?
Believe as you wish but humans write books not deities themselves. The koran is a book written by humans and most of them men.
So entry in wikipedia is wrong?
"The Pakistan Penal Code prohibits blasphemy against any recognised religion, providing penalties ranging from a fine to death. An accusation of blasphemy commonly subjects the accused, police, lawyers, and judges to harassment, threats, and attacks. An accusation is sometimes the prelude to vigilantism and rioting.
Calls for change in the blasphemy laws have been strongly resisted by Islamic parties.
Prominent figures like Salman Taseer (the former governor of Punjab) and Shahbaz Bhatti (the Federal Minister for Minorities) have been assassinated for their opposition to the blasphemy laws." -- resource: wikipedia
Somebody needs to get on that then.
What ever you belief Eric ,whether you consider there is after life or not ,ignoring or believing the evidences in the religion and that are clear in quran about the universe, human development in uterus ,geological fact that no one know before and proved recently . Evolution is never prooved and you are just fooling your self and you are going to get your self in hell that is all ,you are the one loosing here not me by ignoring clear evidence and believing a theory .
Just by the way i am a doctor and the evolution theory is imposible because human body can't survive as a parts as incomplete . For example there are series of anticoagulants if one is missing you would you would not survive . There are series of complements if one is missing you would die of infections.and others ... So if you believe in evolution you should not have a shallow understanding of some thing you build you whole life on , not to mension the after life.

The other point , beeing a Muslim does not mean you are going toa heaven but how much you follow the religion guidance to do the right things .
When the religion was leading the Muslim was an empire that lead the world in every speciallity . But when they left their religion obligation you would see what you see now in these countries.
Why is there so many different Islamic secs and some muslims of some secs not like secularism so much that there is bombings or killings? Why do some muslims bomb other muslims? Are they not considered muslims when doing things like this? Is it fear or hate?
Same with any other religion or politic where war and executions occurred over religion through out history for the same questions of social group.
Malala Yousafzai was shot by 'fundamentalists' that thought they were doing justice for Islam. At least they claim so and blame Americans for their own actions and thoughts. It is the same when blaming any book or movie for decided actions or thoughts as far as I see. Religion and politic are often the things as an excuse to do harm and others become ok with it  because it is with in those groups. 
Birds of a feather flock together but one apple spoils the whole bunch? Not sure if that is always true but people do seem to be ok with harm done by 'family' rather than done by some one they believe are not like them in any way.
a couple of US states should be yellow, as it is forbidden by law to hold public office you are an atheist.
Yet we don't have blasphemy laws that execute for such thing yet. So this is reason perhaps.
it can't be that. the yellow countries in the map do not have blasphemy laws with execution either. I think it's because even though some US states do not protect your right to be atheist and go against human rights, as a country any citizen has a right to move to another state so overall, the US does give its citizen some form of protection.
Maybe it is an old wikipedia photo. Who knows where they got it from.
Defamation of religion some how seems to go against freedoms some how, but still then the U.N. has placed such rules in documents some where I do believe.
There is some form of protection for bullying like for example harassment, and yet at the same time freedoms like that of speech to some limit. Still the US Constitution should precede that of any rules in amendment. Though it seem that often gets ignored to fairly and equally give freedom and justice for all.
Just a human thing I guess with social hierarchy issues.
+John Lathouwers Truth is not a democracy but it can certainly be the greater part of tyranny. Ignorance is likewise tyrannical, and no excuse when it comes to law and order,  but has become institutionalized along with criminality, depravity, absurdity and worse in modern democratic government. Interestingly enough the truth is also no excuse when it comes to law and order. Ignorance, incapacity and pure stupidity is much more often preferable than knowledge of the truth. 
Luca M
A quote from the article: "Though atheists are rarely handed death sentences in these countries, the threat of punishment can stifle religious freedom."  

So, apparently, the problem here is protecting "religious freedom", not the government-sanctioned killing of innocent citizens? What a joke.
Wow +Luca Marchiori way to misrepresent a quote. People are rarely executed for atheism because they keep their absence of belief secret and will happily lie when threatened with execution. That doesn't really make it right now does it!!
Luca does not seem to get that protection of religious freedom is not exactly a big concern in these countries. E.g I think Jews have a lot more to be worried about living there than atheists.
Actually john it should be looked as equal both ways. Hint there is not freedom in reality even if they think they are in these countries. So forth that is where many protest that freedom is terrorism and evil. At least it seems so that one should be fair instead of seeking complexes to reason it as ok to take freedoms from the day children are born and the rest of us.
Still people are going to do things any ways if they want to law or not as well.
+Jennifer Isaacs , I'm very sorry, but I can not unravel the enigma of your post. You may want to use clearer language to make your point. Cause I can't understand a word your saying.
Incoherence, enigma, ranting, where do you think you are - a Sam Harris thread?
+John Lathouwers Do you believe in free will or some form of it?

Freedom of choice and free will ... are we really free to choose?
Though rather I was explaining what a person thinks is truth subjectively for maybe all that one may know is what they have learned. Punishment and reward  are often triggers by how we learn if something is good or bad. Laws are made with these triggers technically.
So if a person is punished by a human made law with human made morals then does that mean the law is perfectly always right and deserves the punishment? Some may say yes and other times some may say no.

So forth why some may think 'western' belief in freedom is evil perhaps in their morals and these laws are protecting people from harm. There is always exceptions to the rule and extremes to things as far as I know.

Then for complexes I was mostly referring to superiority and inferiority complexes of social human hierarchies. To have every one feel fully equal in all peoples eyes (including themselves with confidence) is not really possible at all times by our human nature. As is altruism, emotional reasoning, and violence are also just part of nature I do believe. With these things come out stereotypes, morals, and laws more than logic in the truth of things.

There are people out there that are going to follow their nature and desires even if it is against rules some one made ( even in secret).
+Jennifer Isaacs , please stop trying to write English  I have a better chance understanding you in your native language, whatever it is. I can't understand a word you are writing.
Well do you need me to define freedom or free will from a dictionary?
You can always answer if you believe in free will but I see you rather not.
I can explain things to you, but not force or help you understand it. That is rather up to you to do things like that +John Lathouwers .

Have you ever heard of Jim Crow Laws? Just to point out as example how laws are just human made things that can be used else where in the world to have political and cultural gain over others.
Then there are some laws that people ignore that exist like not to get a fish drunk.
What is it you would like to know?
Yes John, because after reading what Sam Harris wrote on free will it is the same as what Jennifer has been pointing out.
I understand all the words +Jennifer Isaacs  , just the way your putting them together to form sentences was a bit puzzling. You're getting better now... I think you are over-thinking free-will and morality. These are simple concepts that shouldn't require so much obfuscated jibber jabber. Hell, even chimps understand it. Here is something to watch: 

Disclamer: Both theology and philosophy majors may find preceding video hard to swallow as it clearly shows both as being irrelevant to the question of morals.

P.S. I'm not sure why you are addressing me on this matter in the first place. What has this to do with this post or my comments on it?
I was addressing john in the first place and then you addressed me +John Lathouwers over things you don't seem to rather want to chat about. Like that of avoiding answers to questions instead just ranting on about things. Like I stated before I can't help you understand things you have to do that yourself. Though repeating this wont help you understand things more than before.
+John Lathouwers From your TED link... "If you ask anyone, what is morality based on? These are the two factors that always come out: One is reciprocity, … a sense of fairness, and the other one is empathy and compassion.”  Uhhh, not exactly  Nicomachean Ethics or Confucius Analects there in understanding morality. Some of these TED speakers are absolute nitwits and savages when it comes to any basic core education and then they begin to pontificate about everything from philosophy and ethics to politics, justice, sociology and more. Just look at Sam Harris for a great  example of that type of speaker. 
Well +Jennifer Isaacs then guess that yellow stuff on my face is egg after all. When you wrote "john" I automatically assumed you were talking to me +John Lathouwers and I didn't even consider you were addressing +john gury . Now that you are using the +name format, that shouldn't happen again. Sorry for the confusion.
+john gury , I told you that philosophy buffs wouldn't like it... The point of the TED video/talk, was not to define morality, it was to show that animals have morality, even without religion or philosophy.
Most of those countries also execute homosexuals
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