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Podcast from Melbourne wherein I discuss violence, drugs, and other undignified things: (slow to download).
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I seally enjoy the BJJ stuff, Sam. I hope you return to it after you're done with your book.
I started training BJJ after Sam's post about it, and i'm loving it :-P
Yeah I'm gonna start @ boston brazilian jiu jitsu
I am curious Sam Harris, I have watched many of your debates and time over and over again, you have shown me much knowledge, and I have used much of what you have given me to my advantage in a few skirmishes outside of my family, however I feel that eventually I will have to argue with my family. They claim to have supernatural experiences, for an example My Grandfather claims he has died (Flat-lined club as he called it) and his soul has transcended into the light, and then have heard a voice tell him that it is not yet his time to go and so he has regained consciousness, not once but a few times. and then I also have a mother who said I lack common sense when I didnt believe in religion. while she claims to have saved my little brother (about 1 and a half years old) from an asthma attack by grabbing an inhaler that was empty, she then prayed to her dear lord to give her the fluid needed to save his life, which then miraculously filled up to 1/3 and she was then able to save my brother's life kudos to the merciful god she worships and loves. Do you have anything to say that may prove useful when this time comes? 
"I love you, but you're crazy"
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