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Tom Llewellyn
A salty scallywag from the Valley of Antelope
A salty scallywag from the Valley of Antelope

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I'm very glad to see that +Nate C is part of the resistance. 

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Join the Antelope Valley Resistance Today!

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Hey Ukesters, Burning Uke Ten is coming quick. Wanna roll in style?

Plans are being made for the summer. Camps, mines, and abandoned structures. Any takers?

I discover that I am using social media less these days. Does this mean I am getting boring?

Just about done setting up my new laptop . . . it's like a magical island of open source software.

Doing a photo a day challenge for February. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is day one. The assignment is self portrait. Go! 
Palmdale, California

So folks keep on a-addin' me, but I don't really know many of them. By all means, please introduce yourselves! :)

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Uke club TONIGHT!!! 5-7:30pm @ Nick's Pizzeria in Lancaster.
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