Hello Google TV Community:

      I am Brian Stein, one of the #GoogleTVAmbassadors, just lurking around trying to help out. I'm sitting here looking at our young little community surpass 4000 members and have realized we can be a real force to enact change that WE want.
     I can promise you that +Google TV is doing as much as they can with what they have to make our experience as enjoyable as possible. I have seen their hard work and passion first hand. Sadly, Google doesn't have any say when it comes to 3rd party content and apps. If certain content providers don't want to be a part of the ecosystem there is nothing that Google can do short of buy them and make them (wouldn't that be nice:) ).
      However, this is where WE can help. If the consumers start to voice their opinions, the content providers have to at least take notice. If anyone has ever witnessed a Reddit-conquest, this can be very effective.

   I propose that as a community, we focus our concerns at a new content provider or developer each week or so to ask for a proper, thought out Google TV app. If every member in this community works together, we can make our beloved Google TVs even better!

     If every one is on board with this, I say we set our sights on Hulu first, as inspired by +Scottie Rider . If you can take a moment to stop by Hulu's support page and shoot them an email, http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form ,we can do our part to help out!

 I will probably bump this once a day just so everybody gets a chance to see it, and please, please, please, share, share and reshare! :)

Thanks all!

P.S: Please remember that this action will most certainly never see immediate results. Do not let this stop you for making yourself heard!

+Hulu Plus , TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

Edit: Say it loud and proud in the comments if you did your part! :-) 
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