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Rusty's Auto Salvage
Sell Your Junk Car For Quick Cash Hassle-Free At $$$
Sell Your Junk Car For Quick Cash Hassle-Free At $$$

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We're ready to buy your cars! #rustysautoway Call (888)-420-5911

Top of the morning to everyone! #rustysauto

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[ ] Check us out on Tumblr ! Especially if you've sold your car to us!

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We are giving away unbelievable amounts of cash for junk cars this month! Call us at 1-(888)-420-5911 ‪#rustysauto

As of today... we DO NOT sell parts! Thank you!

What would everyone say if we had a contest where you all submitted your most outrageous experience that you've had while owning a vehicle? If you write it as your status and tag Rusty's there will be a drawing of the best three stories, and we will be giving out prizes in Chase Visa Gift Cards in the amounts of $50, $100 or $150... depending on how many people enter.... What do you guys think?

Call us if you have a car that you'd want or have been trying to get rid off, guaranteed to be a hassle-free experience. # (888)-420-5911

Call us and let us help you remove your unwanted vehicle! (800)-257-0855 #rustysautoway
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