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Brett Cook
I am a dude who lives in Leicester. Follow me on twitter @buhsnarf, on Facebook at and on my website
I am a dude who lives in Leicester. Follow me on twitter @buhsnarf, on Facebook at and on my website

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Maybe this is the answer instead of USB C? Backwards compatible so you can charge all your existing devices as it's just standard Micro USB but no messing around with the ends? Plus supports quick charge.

It's new phone time and I'm confused over what I should get!

I'm upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S4 and use it mainly for internet, camera, GPS, WhatsApp etc and general tinkering with Android - never really play games as I'm not a huge games person.

For the camera... I really want the G4 as it appears from Steve's reviews this just knocks the spots off everyone else. The size puts me off a little though I think I'd be able to live with it, I thought the S4 was massive when I moved up from the S2.

But then there is the new Sony Z5 compact... great camera as well and pocketable. But only 2GB RAM and will I find it too small going from the S4? I always find my other half's Moto G (1st gen) small when using it. Or even the Z3 compact, still a good phone and bargain prices of sub 20GBP on contract!

And then... there is the Nexus 5X... all reviews say it sucks but... it's NEXUS with a better camera!

Argh. Any ideas?

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Not noticed anyone sharing this before but for someone looking at getting a cheap Windows backup phone surely this is a bit of a bargain?

Nokia Lumia 530 only £39.99

Just wondering whether you can get a Samsung Galaxy S5 style back (dimpled and less prone to slipping out of your hand) to fit the S4?

EBay doesn't seem to have any but then a search on there seems to bring thousands of back cases!


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Sad, sad news. Adrian and Pandora were the two characters who guided me through high school!


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Look at my no make-up #shelfie

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This is why Google is the king of everything!
Keep your scanners peeled. With new Auto Awesome Photobombs on +Google+, you can have all the fun of a celebrity photobomb—no red carpet required: #Hoffsome 
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Fraud, fraud, fraud... don't reply to emails!

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A collection of what the noses look like. Because y'know I wanted to.
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